Oregon’s Kitzhaber and Obama – The Difference

They are both staunch liberals who believe in approaches to government I think faulty, yet one does far better than the other.

The first S-J story is about The Kitz’s plan before the Legislature to expand tax credits for Oregon film and video production. To earn the credit individuals and businesses contribute to a fund which helps film maker’s pay for production related wages, goods and services bought from Oregon vendors.

Fundamentally, I’m against most tax credits. In Big Brother fashion they are primarily used by governments, who tax you first, to magnanimously return some of your tax money back to you as a way of controlling your behavior to “do the right thing”. They decide what “the right thing” is.

I’m staunchly against that.

In this case, however, it is a stroke of political genius. The contributors are those who chose to contribute to the fund – not all Oregon taxpayers involuntarily contribute – who benefit when more film companies are attracted to Oregon to make films. The financial incentives we offer the movie makers attract them.

Not only do the film makers benefit, but Oregon businesses that provide services in support of the film industry benefit and there is an overall economic boon to the local economies that draw attention as a result of movie-making in their area.

I tell ya, The Kitz is smart!

The second S-J story is about the ongoing civil rights investigation of the State Hospital by the Federal Department of Justice(DOJ).

Basically, headed by a top federal civil rights prosecutor, the DOJ is looking to shut down the State Hospital like they’ve done in states all across the country. That is how Fairview got shut down.

If that happens the hospital would basically become like another abandoned downtown transit mall, only minus the structural damage.

The DOJ investigation has been looming over the state for almost 5 long years now. The state is pouring millions and millions of dollars into rebuilding the State Hospital thanks to Senate President Peter Courtney who doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground.

Now folks seek a top level meeting between The Kitz and the head of the DOJ department in change of the investigation in order to resolve things one way or another. Former democratic Governor Kulongoski basically avoided the investigation.

All The Kitz smartly asks for is a preliminary findings report from the DOJ so he doesn’t go into the meeting cold only to get blind-sided by the Feds. That is the modus operandi they use just before they sucker punch people.

I won’t go into all the reason’s Oregon will probably lose to the DOJ, but if anyone can save the state’s considerable investment, its John Kitzhaber. What sets him apart is he takes the bull by the horns.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, is now hard back on the campaign trail targeting raising $1 billion for his re-election bid in about a year and three quarters from now. He joined in on a Easter egg hunt at the White House yesterday for a photo-op.

Kitzhaber did not attend any Easter egg hunts I’m aware of.

The economy, world crisis and the affairs of State are starting to take a back seat for Barack Obama when it comes to making speeches and getting re-elected.


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