The Arab Awakening

There is this story today on the Middle East in the NY Times:
Syria Escalates Crackdown as Tanks Go to Restive City

It think it a good and proper thing that President Obama has authorized the use of Predator unmanned US aircraft in Libya.

Its one of those “unique capabilities” spoke about that only the US has, is perfect for that theater of action, fits Obama’s “no boots on the ground” defined military presence in Libya and, best of all, risks no American lives.

Despite mixed messages from the USA – first we are there leading the charge and then chameleon-like we blend into the background – the Muslim uprising against years of tyranny continues. The grassroots yearn for freedom is strong; strong enough for 10s of thousands to risk their lives. Tunisia and Egypt have removed their tyrannic leaders. Many others still want to.

Its been come to be called the Arab Awakening.

However, realizing there will be no further international intervention, Syria and other countries have stepped up their crackdown. It appears that in Iran, Bahrain and Yemen the awakening has flagged. They are left flapping in the breeze with the yearn for freedom but not the means or support to achieve it.

Perhaps its bad timing. With staggering economic problems at home and two other wars the US is not really in position to be effective in the Middle East. Maybe Obama understands that and that explains our somewhat schizophrenic policy.

For all intents and purposes the United States has abandoned the revolutions. It will be long remembered in the Arab community as another American failing in a long list of failings as US policy seems directed more so at exploitation and political gamesmanship over substance and true support for the cause of freedom now sought by the masses of Arab peoples.

We’ve created an Arab Bay of Pigs.

But this time is different. The cry has went out loud and clear from those oppressed that after decades of suffered silence they are ready to risk life and limb for a better life.

With our President now fully engaged in his re-election campaign it is unlikely he’ll risk political suicide for faceless downtrodden peoples living in dirt houses on dirt streets in far away places.

But the question remains: Should he?


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