Finding Secret Military Bases Made Simple

Secret Military Base (Source: New York Times)

There is nothing like the good old New York Times and Google Earth when it comes to finding secret military bases and other interesting geopolitical locations in the news.

For example, there is a story in the NYTimes today about Erik Prince, the former Navy SEAL and now billionaire founder of the Blackwater International private security company.

He’s the guy that got in hot water in Afghanistan after employees killed a bunch of Iranian civilians at a street intersection, while under contract to the U.S. government:

Here is today’s New York Times story:
Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder
-Mark Mazzetti and Emily B. Hager,NYTimes,5/15/2011

Prince dissolved Blackwater International to escape trouble but has resurfaced again, now funded with $529 million in seed money from the United Arab Emirates to create and train a mercenary army at a secret military base.

Here is how to find secret military bases using the NYTimes and Google Earth…

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

You can’t just blurt out the word “secret” without making folks wanna know exactly what the secret is!

In the story they think they are so clever not to give away the exact location… but they aren’t.

They always provide plenty enough hints for anyone to easily find these “secret” places.

I found Osama bin Laden’s compound before CNN figured it out, found Israel’s secret Negev nuclear weapons plant, found Iran’s secret nuclear enrichment plant and found Libya’s military bases with The New York Times’ assistance.

The Iranian government or any terrorist group who might wanna try to blow up Prince’s new lair with truck bombs or something can find it to.

Hints and Clues

To add mystery and intrigue into today’s story The NYT opens by describing how an Emirati intelligence officer met new mercenary trainees disguised as construction workers at Abu Dhabi’s airport, had them “whisked through customs” and then they “boarded an unmarked bus and drove roughly 20 miles to a windswept military complex in the desert sand.”

Google Earth

Those hints, the satellite image and Google Earth is all you need to pinpoint the exact location of the “secret” base.

Just type “Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE” into Google Earth’s ‘Fly To’ box, zoom out to a display scale of about 7 miles and scan back and forth awhile east of the airport on the desert side and zoom in and out on every likely possibility to compare to the article image until – Voila! – there it is.

The “Secret” Base’s Location Revealed!

Actual “secret” base GPS coordinates: 24°31’41.13″N, 54°59’31.91″E

You can use that knowledge to help practice finding the base on your own until you get better at it.

Just copy and past those coordinates into Google Earth’s ‘fly to’ box and it will take you right to it.

Google Earth Tells Us Much More!

Once located you can find out a lot more about the “secret” base.

For example, not included in the story is that the secret base is located a mere 4,000 feet from the runway of a clandestine airport probably capable of launching units of the mercenary army to missions anywhere in the world.

From Google Earth we also learn that the “secret” base was just a patch of desert as late as March 3, 2010 but that the airport next door has been there since before January of 2005.

You can also see that since March 2010 there is heavy duty excavation started that looks like the base is being expanded to enclose the entire airport using materials housed in a newly constructed depot just 800 feet outside the “secret” base.

With Google Earth you can zoom way in and way out to learn still more.

Zoom in and we find that as of October 6, 2010 that the base is under serious construction but not even remotely close to being operational and that no Humvees or military hardware of any kind is visible when you examine close up.

Zoom out and you can see it is inside the wall of a huge sprawling military complex with restricted access. We also see that the construction depot 800 feet to the east is outside the larger complex walls and that the barriers were simply breached to make a road to bring in construction materials.

Anyone could gain access to the “secret” base coming in this way without going through a single checkpoint!

The “secret” base isn’t so secret anymore, now is it?



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