Not A Grassroots Campaign!

Jim Messina, Obama Campaign(REUTERS/John Gress)

President Obama is NOT running a grassroots re-election campaign as you heard from every direction you turned last week.

That was just election year propaganda spoon fed to the lamestream media directly from campaign manager Jim Messina of “Obama For America” – President Obama’s official re-election campaign.

The truth comes out in this New York Times article:
New Stable of Wealthy Donors Fueled Obama Campaign’s Record Fund-Raising Quarter
– Nicolas Confessore, New York Times, 7/16/2011

That title sounds like something describing Republican below-the-belt tactics.

The NY Times article just provides further proof that Obama is not conducting a grassroots campaign. That fact was originally established last week in this insightful article:
Obama’s Re-Election Campaign: An Analysis
– Azleader, InformThePundits, 7/13/2011

Where Did The Money REALLY Come From?

According to the New York Times:

Mr. Obama’s election filings suggest that the president’s grassroots machinery is being financed by a relatively small group of big-ticket donors.

The  NY Times further explains that the majority of fundraising dollars came from 271 individuals:

  • 150 new “elite” fundraisers
  • 121 “formidable” fundraisers from Obama’s 2008 campaign

The two sets of fundraisers are called “bundlers”.  A bundler is someone who collects large sums of money from other individuals and “bundles” them into a single contribution.

The reason bundling is done is because the individual donors remain anonymous and those anonymous donors can donate far more than the $5,000 limit set by federal election laws. It’s a loophole in fundraising laws.

Just 32 of the bundlers raised more than $500,000 each. That is more than $16 million of the total. And probably a lot more.

Before you moralizing conservatives get all up in arms in righteous indignation… Republicans do the same thing.

The new “elite” fundraiser group comes mostly from:

  • Silicon Valley executives
  • People active in gay rights causes
  • Onetime supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Silicon Valley is about the only business community Obama has NOT demonized and which will play a roll in Obama’s envisioned green revolution. Gay Rights activists support Obama because of ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The old Clinton fundraisers… wellll… are Democrats supporting the incumbent President. It also indicates Hillary won’t jump into the campaign at the last minute.

Other “bundlers” include celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintour.

The “Obama Victory Fund” (OVF)

According to Messina, this is a fundraising arm of the campaign reserved for “large fundraising efforts”. This fundraising arm evenly splits its money between the Obama Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

According to election laws no single individual can donate more than $5,000 to a single candidate’s election campaign. However; some individuals, through bundlers, have already contributed up to $30,800 to Obama.

So how does that happen?

This is where the OVF comes into play. You see, the DNC has no upper limit for individual contributions. Individuals can contribute as much as they want to the DNC.

So, the bundlers operate through the OVF and the donations above the $5K limit are funneled to the DNC.

Pretty clever, huh?


There is little doubt that President Obama has built the most sophisticated small-donor operation in electoral history. It is the envy of his rivals.

Two promotions appealing to small donors brought in more that 200,000 small donor contributors. They are:

Those promotions drew large numbers that gave the artificial impression that all of Obama’s fundraising was through a massive grassroots fundraising effort.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jim Messina and the Obama campaign deceive voters and the media by insisting that small donors are the heart and soul of Obama’s re-election fundraising effort. Its not!

The vast majority of dollars came from 271 bundlers and large fundraising events via the “Obama Victory Fund”.

This much is certain… President Obama’s re-election machine is anything but a grassroots movement.


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  1. My. my, my, you mean our resident Marxist is accepting from evil capitalist? He really does believe that the ends justify the means, doesn’t he?

  2. Yup! He is accepting capitalist money and playing the game by Republican rules… though he is going to great lengths trying to tell us otherwise. LOL!!!
    Since we are talking about the election… let me be the first to predict that Texas Governor Perry will join the race, will be the Republican nominee and has a good chance to become our next President.

    That is…unless Christie is coerced into running… or Giuliani, Rubio or Jindal can get some big bucks behind themselves fast.

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