Rick Perry: Obama’s First Real Challenger

Governor Rick Perry will announce today he is running for President of the United States.

He is the first Republican challenger to have a legitimate shot at beating President Obama.

There are other even better Republicans that could mount a serious challenge to the President but should none of them chose to enter the race then Perry will likely be the Republican nominee.

Rick Perry will make for a formidable opponent. Perry is everything we hoped for in President Obama but didn’t get.

Why Rick Perry?

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Most important, Rick Perry has something no other candidate, including Barack Obama, can offer… a solid record of job creation… 10 years worth!

Rick Perry walks the walk. Obama and the others just talk the talk… all while the national economy flushes past them down the toilet.

Job creation and growing the economy is what will elect the next President. Rick Perry has accomplished both already.

According to CNNMoney, “Rick Perry’s Texas jobs boom: The Whole Story“, Texas gained more than a million new jobs in the last decade. In the last two years Texas has created 40% of ALL new jobs in the United States.

That is enough for anyone to stand strait up and take notice!

We’re Finally Off and Running!

All the announced Republican challengers have something that Perry doesn’t have – national baggage.

Deserved or not the talk shows and mainstream media have slapped them with negative labels and pounded them into the general public’s head so much that none of them have a snowball’s chance in a Texas summer of being elected.

Mit Romney is the current Republican front runner. He has “Romneycare” as a millstone against him for conservatives and a loser image left over from 2008 against him for everyone else.

Under those conditions Rick Perry will quickly rise like cream to the top as the Republican front runner.

The others will become also-rans.

The Media Onslaught

Rick Perry will be fried by the mainstream media for his strong Christian beliefs, his ‘weakness’ on immigration and painted in the mold of a George W. Bush who he succeeded as governor of Texas.

The Obama campaign will instantly seize on comparisons with George W. for their battle cry against Perry. After all, decrying George W. got Obama elected in 2008. Maybe they can use that same strategy again in 2012.

Unless you are totally blind and live in a progressive built cave then you know that most reporting by the mainstream media is liberal biased.

There is nothing wrong with liberalism itself. Its a perfectly fine political philosophy and one of two strong political leanings in this country.

What is wrong is when media outlets present themselves as unbiased but push a liberal or conservative agenda. That is as much true for the mainstream media with its liberal viewpoint as it is for Fox News with its conservative viewpoint.

Rick Perry’s biggest obstacle is media misrepresentation.

Obama’s Achilles Heal

In sports, a world championship team can have weaknesses that play into the strengths of a lesser team. Therefore, by playing their normal game the weaker team can beat the mighty champion.

Such is the case of Barack Obama against Rick Perry.

President Obama’s weakness is that he is a paper tiger.

Before his election he had zero record of accomplishment. He swept into office on a promise of hope and change. He was a gifted orator and we bought his message.

He hasn’t delivered hope and most of the change we’ve got is dragging this nation down. That has become painfully obvious to all but Obama’s most ardent supporters.

Perry, on the other hand, is the real deal. He has already delivered jobs and built the Texas economy, bucking the national trend even during the Great Recession. Texas is a beacon of economic prosperity for the rest of the nation to follow.

History of the Two Candidates

Before he was elected President Obama was a state senator in Illinois from 1997 to 2004 and a United States Senator from 2005-2008. Its doubtful a single reader of this article can identify any legislation Obama got passed during that time that benefited his constituents or the country.

Perry, on the other hand, has a long 26-year history of continuous public service. He was elected to the Texas House of Representatives from 1985-1991. He took over as statewide Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture from 1991-1998.  That sounds silly to us urbanites but is a big deal in Texas. It comes with crucial responsibilities important to that state’s economic well-being.

After that Perry served as Lieutenant Governor under George W. from 1999-2000. He has served as Texas state Governor since December 21, 2000 to the present, succeeding George W. Bush. He is sure to be smeared by the Obama campaign for that connection.

Perry’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Perry’s biggest political liability is his fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Along with his conservative beliefs, he will be scaled and filleted by the mainstream media.

He is pro-life and anti-same sex marriage. Perry is both a social and fiscal conservative. He will be painted as the Tea Party candidate by the mainstream press, as if that is a bad thing.

The Tea Party Movement isn’t the bunch of ignorant, radical boobs they are made out to be. They are primarily fiscal conservatives and those who identify with it match the full demographic makeup of this country.

Indeed, Perry will get an enthusiastic nod from the Tea Party Movement even over the leader of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, Michele Bachmann.

Perry’s fiscal conservatism will be presented as a negative by a liberal press when, in truth, it is his greatest strength.

Fiscal conservatism, lead by Perry at the helm, is what has grown the Texas economy against the grain of the nation’s tailspin.

Ironically, Perry will be criticized for his inability to fight illegal immigration. Its ironic because Obama will not be criticized even though his policies are effectively the same. Perry has been pragmatic in his approach to the immigration problem in Texas and has got hammered for it.  Obama’s muddling of the issue appears to be crafted more so to garner the Hispanic vote than to solve the problem.


If the electorate blindly stares into the liberal headlights of the mainstream media and follows them without question then Perry probably won’t win. The choice the electorate will then be to give Obama another chance.

It is our job, as responsible voters, to look behind the headlines and soundbites and evaluate what Rick Perry has accomplished and what he can bring to the table to guide our nation out of the economic abyss we find ourselves in.

Not everyone will come to the same conclusion, but if we do our job then Rick Perry will be elected the 45th President of the United States in 2012.


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