Job Creation: Perry Vs. Obama

On the Sunday morning talk shows today this criticism of Rick Perry and job creation was leveled at least three times … it went something like this…

Yes, the critics say, Perry’s Texas created almost half of all new jobs in the United States in the last two years (actual amount about 40%) but that Perry wasn’t responsible for any of it. Then they rattle off a bunch of excuses explaining why Perry couldn’t possibly have made that growth happen.

In a CNNMoney piece on Saturday, Perry was criticized because 550,000 Texans were paid at or below the minimum wage which is double the number in 2008. Apparently, according to the pundits, Perry IS responsible for creating “bad” jobs.

Nobody on the Sunday shows credited Perry with any positive accomplishment.

Two Candidates’ Job Creation Records; Two Different Interpretations

This type of reporting wouldn’t be be problematic if it weren’t for the fact that those same critics at other times rattle off bunches of excuses explaining why President Obama ISN’T responsible for his lack of job creation on the national scale… even with help from Texas!

In other words, according to the talking heads, Perry isn’t responsible for real job creation (except the bad kind) in Texas yet Obama isn’t responsible for the nation’s lack of job creation despite his $789 billion “stimulus” and despite $4 trillion in total federal deficit and debt spending under Obama’s watch – as of today – in just 2.5 years as President!

What is wrong with this picture?


Instead, shouldn’t the pundits and a responsible press be asking what is happening right in Texas and wrong at the national level that we can learn from in order to set our economy on the road to recovery?


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  1. “…responsible press …”

    That’s an oxymoron, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Sad to say… its come to that. 😦

  3. Well it doesn’t take much digging to learn that Perry has been a Governor Texans have desired to ouster for several years. In 2006 his re-election bid succeeded with Under 50% with the vote. He supported his buddy Kinky Friedman to aid split the anti-Perry vote and Texas coyly doesn’t rely on RUNOFF elections making this kind of sleezy reelection against the will of individuals and popular vote possible ONLY IN TEXAS. There is certainly are lots of reasons TEXAS remains dead last in a lot of achievement categories and Rick Perry is among the biggest reasons. I had been really shocked he would even consider using a run for President and also moreso shocked he’d tout his long tenure as Gov given how he quietly snuk inside the mystery with under 50% with the vote in 06. People who are illegitimate power holders maybe ought not tout their prowess in cheating the system.

  4. According to 2010 election results Rick Perry won re-election as Governor by a 55.1% to 42.4% margin over Democratic challenger Bill White.

    That hardly suggests Perry “has been a Governor Texans have desired to ouster for several years”.

    And where, pray tell, can I verify all these “dead last in a lot of achievement categories” statistics you mention? I’d like to see that information for myself.

    The 2012 election is all about jobs and the economy.

    Here is a telling comparison:
    Since 2009, under Perry’s leadership Texas has generated about 40% of all jobs created in the entire United States WITHOUT any deficit spending. (Texas has a balanced budget law)

    Since 2009, under President Obama’s leadership the U.S. has lost 5.7 million jobs (latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics) WITH $4 trillion in deficit spending. (latest numbers from the U.S. Treasury)

    No reasonable voter should ignore those facts when considering who they will vote for.

    What President Obama should be doing while prepare his jobs speech is studying Texas to see what they are doing right to create jobs and apply that to the rest of the country.

    Instead, I suspect Obama and his supporters will dummy up excuses to explain away the Texas miracle when they should be embracing it.

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