Rick Perry vs. the Mainstream Press

There is an old adage in real estate sales coined by Lord Harold Samuel that says, “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.”

In the 2012 Presidential campaign there are three things that matter to voters: jobs, jobs, jobs!

You can also throw in a healthy dose of, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

The onslaught by the mainstream press against newly declared presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry has begun in earnest.  It will continue and intensify as the campaign swings into high gear in the coming weeks and months.

While most media outlets like CNN focus their primary attention broadly dissing Perry’s Christian faith and resorting to personal attacks the staid New York Times takes a far more targeted approach in this article:
In Texas Jobs Boom, Crediting a Leader, or Luck“, Clifford Klauss, New York Times, 8/15/2011

This NYT article also has a reference to another big opinion piece the NYT did earlier on Perry and jobs:
The Texas Jobs Juggernaut“, Room for Debate, 7/17/2011

New York Times Rick Perry Stat Sheet

Rick Perry vs. The New York Times

The Klauss article is basically a followup to the pundits’ declaration in the previous Sunday political talk show circuit that Perry didn’t have anything to do with the Texas jobs boom.

As the title implies, Perry was just lucky according to reporter Clifford Klauss.

The respected NYT basically says the Texas jobs boom was fueled primarily by an unexpected rise in oil prices and that its success is no role model for the rest of the nation.

Klauss goes on further to suggest that Rick Perry is misrepresenting himself and his accomplishments in early campaigning.

Will Someone Please, PLEASE

Will somebody please, PLEASE tell Clifford Klauss to turn his magnifying glass on the current occupant of the White House? No political figure in recent U.S. history has misrepresented himself and his accomplishments through his own oratory more than Barack Obama.

Klauss begins his Perry criticism using a tried and true journalistic seed planting trick saying that “some economists” suggest that “Mr. Perry stumbled into the Texas miracle”.

Would someone please, PLEASE tell Mr. Obama to stumble into one of those miracles?

Klauss claims that unnamed and uncredited economists say that all Perry did was “put Texas on autopilot for 11 years”.

Will someone please, PLEASE tell Obama to get out of the way and put the country on autopilot?

The Obama “stimulus” and his green energy policy has already added at least a trillion to our national debt without producing any significant results at all!

If a bumbler like Rick Perry can lead the Texas economy to prosperity through luck and inaction just think how much a smart, savvy guy like Barack Obama can accomplish with luck and inaction! If nothing else it will save us a bucket load of debt.


The New York Times arguably is the the most objective news media source of any kind in the United States. It contains some of the finest in-depth and informative investigative reporting you will find anywhere in the world.

Yet its liberal core sometimes gets in the way of its objectivity, as has happened in the Klauss article and in their “Room for Debate” report where 3 out of 5 of the ink hogging contributors debunk Perry.

Perry, and any conservative for that matter, will have difficulty overcoming the mainstream press and its liberal prism, even from a source as respected as the New York Times.

But if you are one of those 2012 voters who feels that the three things that matter most in the upcoming election are jobs, jobs, and jobs then you might want to dig under the soundbites and take a closer look at both Rick Perry AND Barack Obama.


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  1. “Yet its liberal core sometimes gets in the way of its objectivity…”

    That, my friend, is an understatement. Who knows if Perry was instrumental in the jobs creation in Texas or not. One thing should stand out to even the liberal media, he doesn’t appear to have killed jobs like our Boy Child President has.

  2. In the job creation realm here are some stats for you…

    During his term as president George W saw a net increase of about 6.1 million jobs or so. That includes accounting for the 1 million or so lost during the early part of the Great Recession with about $5 trillion in deficit spending over 8 years.

    According to economists, the official start of the Great Recession was December of 2007 and it officially ended in June of 2009.

    That means that during his tenure there were 14 months of recession under George W but only 4-5 months of recession under Barack B.

    But during Obama’s tenure we have lost 5+ million jobs or so and are at near zero growth after all his $4 trillion in deficit spending over 2.5 years… with no current job creation plan.

    Texas, under Perry, has accounted for a net growth of around 1 million jobs and zero deficit spending over 11 years.

    Among the three, how do they compare? Who has done the worst job?

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