President Obama’s Jobs Proposals

Among the first things to be mentioned in President Obama’s jobs speech next week will be an extension of unemployment benefits and an extension of the payroll tax holiday.

There is only one problem with these two proposals… they don’t create enough jobs to spit on.

The U.S. Department of Labor released new unemployment figures today. The President may mention them in his speech next week. Initial new claims for UI benefits were 409,000. That is down from the 4-week average of 410,250.

The bottom line is the job situation remains the same – TERRIBLE! All economic indicators point to more where that came from, possibly for years to come.

In large part, the two Obama job creation proposals are symptomatic of the failure of this President and this Congress to get our economy back on track again.

Unemployment Insurance And Jobs

Should we extend unemployment benefits AGAIN to help those who are out of work? Absolutely!

Part of our greatness as Americans is we always extend a helping hand to those in need. It’s in our nature to do so and there are millions in need. That is something to be proud of.

There will be those who argue that some people take advantage of government assistance and they should just get off their duffs and find a job. They would be correct. There are such people. Its true there are those who readily take advantage of social programs in what has become a sad, new American phenomena… a get-something-for-nothing mentality. Make the rich pay, they say; they have plenty of money. That is something to be ashamed of.

But there are far more folks who aren’t taking advantage of the system than those who are. It is for that group we need to extend unemployment benefits at the added cost of interlopers.

The question isn’t whether or not we should provide unemployment benefits to the unemployed; the question is how can we, as a nation, help folks find an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay?

Extending Unemployment Benefits Is Not Job Creation

Extending unemployment benefits doesn’t create jobs. It barely helps tide us over until we can find work. That is all it was ever intended to do.

Lets extend benefits, yes, but don’t call it job creation like Nancy Pelosi ignorantly proclaimed when she said, “Unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs“. It isn’t and the logic used by Democrats to say it does is faulty.

An employed worker’s spending contributes everything that an unemployed worker’s UI check does to the economy and much more. The employed have far more disposable income AND they pay taxes!

Though workers and businesses contribute to unemployment insurance those funds are long since exhausted and we are paying today’s benefits with money our children and grandchildren will have to pay back with interest. It gets tacked right onto the national debt. That cannot go on forever.

We need to stop thinking of UI checks as a panacea for job creation and find the unemployed paid work!

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who clearly do not have a grasp on pragmatic reality, are part of the problem in Washington DC. We Americans need to vote them out of office asap before they do further damage to this great nation.

The Payroll Tax Holiday

Government taking a smaller bite out of our paychecks so that all Americans have more cash in their pockets to spend is definitely the right idea. It can and will help stimulate the economy and help create jobs.

Its the way President Obama is proposing to do it that sucks muddy canal water.

President Obama proposes to reduce what Americans are squirreling away for their social security retirement, put that back in their pockets and call it a holiday. That is just plain wrong. That is NOT the way for big brother to put more money in people’s hands to spend. No one worried about their Social Security future who thinks about it for two seconds would agree with that.

There has GOT to be better ways to put more money into people’s wallets.

Social Security is in deep financial do-do and speeding it on its way to insolvency is a part of the Obama job creation plan we could all do without.

It’s not coincidence that President Obama is proposing to temporarily extend the payroll tax holiday through a presidential election year. Everyone else in DC will go right along with him, too, and look you strait in the eye and tell you they are doing it for you!


It appears in his new jobs plan that President Obama will be recycling some of the old ideas he’s already tried before to fix the economy that have not worked.

This will be something like the 6th extension to unemployment benefits since Obama took office and second extension of the payroll tax holiday.

And what do we have to show for it?… a 4-week average of 410,250 NEW claims for unemployment benefits as of this very day.

In Washington DC they think that if you throw enough money at a problem it will go away. Guess what, we’ve thrown $4 trillion dollars at this problem just since President Obama and Congress took office and it ain’t getting the job done.

So what are we gonna get?… proposals to do more of the same!

You might wanna remember that the next time you step into the ballot box. After all, you’ll be driving there with gas payed for out of your Social Security retirement!



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  1. another excellent post, AZ. I’m not sure I agree with extending unemployment benefits however. I understand very well that we are talking about millions of people and they are not all abusers or at least they don’t think of themselves as abusers. I think history has shown that the longer people are unemployed the harder it becomes for them to re-enter the productive class. Most of these are not guilty of anything that has happened to them. Our government and what I call the banksters or the financial elite are responsible.
    My father worked 40 years for Buick Motor Company (GM) as a union employee. When I was young in the 50’s , there were often long strikes by the union. The family had no other income. My father always hire himself out to paint houses. He was very good at it. He always let his best friend, who wasn’t a very skillful painter, work with him. Both families were able to survive in this manner. I suspect that there are thousands of ways today that the unemployed could find to work off the books sort of say. But while receiving a check every month, there is no incentive to do so. No, it may not be as good as what they once had; but there some amazing success stories that started this way also.

  2. janetredwine

    Inform the Pundants that at this point Job creation is secondary to Homelessness Prevention. Instead of saying we need a jobs program they need to call it like it is…We need a program fast to keep families from having to live in their cars, we need to recind all laws that make it illegal to live in your car, to sit on or lay on a street. The Pundants use the words “Sexual Assault” instead of rape to keep it vague and now they are using the words “job creation” instead of “homelessness prevention” for the same reason. God forbid the the people living in countries with emerging markets find out that our capatilistic democracy will end in what America is facing now in addition to no social programs along with no sleep,sit or lay on the street laws to make it even more insane. Yes extend the megar unemployment benefits and note that they also are taxable just like the workers (much higher) pay. Talk about kicking them when they are down! shame shame shame

    • Unemployment benefits are intended to function as a form of “homelessness prevention” UNTIL a person finds another job and can become a full functioning member of society again.

  3. janetredwine

    It is amazing that when we have such high unemployment rates that many of you actually think cutting off peoples benefits will magically get these folks a job. It will put them on the street and living in their cars…in front of your house…taking a leak out in front of your house…or better yet stealing to eat. This idea that cutting off any assistance to jobless folks is total Magical thinking. So CA has 12% unemployment and rent for a room is $900.00. A studio is $1700.00 month. People on unemployment get 1600.00 max if they were making about 10 times that. Your idea is that they are having fun, sitting on the beach, drinking beer? They are having their homes and cars reposessed. Bills stacking up and credit ratings destroyed. Then they apply for a job, credit is checked and they are denied the job for having bad credit. LIving in the car? no computer access unless you go to a cafe…want to sit in the cafe??? coffee prices just went up another 18%. Go to any fleamarket and see people selling everything they have to eat. It is only a matter of time as this economy cannot and will not grow when it is dependent on 70% consumerism. We need to do something to keep people from living on our streets.

    Why is no one talking about job sharing in this country???? There have never been enough jobs to go around. Why should some have a job and spout about not helping others? Why not come up with incentives and policy to allow employers to hire everyone half time. Then we will all be in the same boat…. and posts about not helping others will quickly dissapear!

  4. 14.4million of Americans are unemployed. No jobs has been created…If the rich want to keep they taxes low, then they should be creating JOBS now! I started out as a Tea Party’er and I have left the party because it seems that they are only helping the rich to get richer and to keep the poor, poor. And do away with the middle class! Where are the jobs????

    These people need unemployment because NO ONE is creating a job for them and the States and Federal Gov’t are dropping individuals off the payroll rolls weekly. These people need jobs! Plain and simple! We can play this game all day, but it’s not creating a job or moving us in the right direction; AMERICA in the right direction.

    We first need to get people back to work, we need the rich, corporations and the top 1% to create jobs! If they would create a job or two maybe we wouldn’t be so divided in this great county of ours. Could you show me one job that the rich, have created since this debate has started! 14.4million Americans…..They all can’t be scamming the Gov’t they all can’t be home sitting on their lazy-azz. Yes, we do have some people using the system but it’s can’t be 14.4millions, also please note that the true unemployment rate is like 20% not the 9.1% as it is reported. This 9.1% only take into fact people currently on unemployment, it doesn’t count those that were dropped after being on unemployment and maxed out and haven’t found work yet. Are they ALL playing a game, just sitting home not bring any money into the home!

    Everyone on unemployment HAD A JOB and WORKED! And was making more money then being on unemployment. We are a nation of greatness. The reason, why America was formed because ‘We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.’

    I have a job and have been working for the past 20 at the same job and thank God for it everyday. We are America’s not animals, we give when we can and help out when we can. This can be our proudest moment or our worst! At the end of the day, we have to decide!!!!


  5. Looks like someone let the trolls out again.

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