The Bidganeh Blast: More Secrets!

Iran's Bid Kaneh Explosion Site on 11/22/2011

The New York Times Sunday published a followup in-depth story on a huge explosion at an Iranian military base on November 12th, 2011.

There is more going on here than meets the eye. Something very big is happening in the desert 30 miles west of Tehran, more than the NYTimes has reported.

I must not be the only person who likes to play the “Beat the New York Times Challenge” either. The experts play it to. That shows in the newest NYTimes story.

The NYT’s developed their story based partly on expert analysis of satellite images of the surrounding area that I first reported about on December 2nd.

Today, I again use Google Earth to expand on the newest NYTimes revelations.

They are gonna have to pick up the pace if they expect keep up with me. lol!!!

Azleader Assists the New York Times

I base today’s revealing followup on these three articles:
Explosion Seen as Big Setback to Iran’s Missile Program
-David E. Sanger and William J. Broad, New York Times, 12/4/20011

The Bidganeh Blast: Hidden Secrets!
-Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 12/2/2011

My first article was inspired by this earlier New York Times story from a week ago:
Images Show Devastation at Iran Base After Blast
-William J. Broad, New York Times, 11/29/2011

Azleader vs. the New York Times

Using Google Earth, my first article scooped the mighty New York Times these ways:

  • Caught and corrected a crucial yet misspelled town name
  • Revealed the massive size of the military complex
  • Revealed more geo-military data than did the NYT

Today’s article expands on Sunday’s newest NYT revelations in these ways:

  • Shows 2 missile test sites the NYT only talks about
  • Reveals more details about the massive Iranian military complex
  • Shows more satellite images documenting new Iranian military activity

“Bid Kaneh”… not “Bidganeh”

NYT Corrects Spelling Error

First off, in their original article the New York Times misspelled the name of the nearby town for which the explosion site got it’s name.

That made the blast site harder to locate on Google Earth. I found it anyway and corrected the town’s English name to “Bid Kaneh” and included it in my first article.

In their latest story the NYT corrected their spelling error.

To avoid confusion I used the NYT’s original spelling in both my article titles.

However, henceforth, this event will be correctly referred to as the ‘Bid Kaneh explosion’.

The enormous size of the Iranian military complex

In my original article I estimated that the sprawling military reservation where the explosion occurred is about 200 square miles. At first the NYT never even hinted the base was any bigger than the blast site. Now they know better.

After further review with Google Earth I’m revising its estimated size upwards to about 300 square miles.

The military reservation has more than 25 separate military facilities. It tests conventional, not nuclear weapons… at least so far.

The smaller units are made to look like farms surrounded by orchards. However, the long lines of bomb testing craters nearby kinda give them away. lol!!

Many of the facilities are small, like the blast site. Others are much, much larger. The complex also has 6 or so industrial parks and power plants inside or nearby and 3 large housing developments.

To get an idea just how gigantic it is, I used Google Earth to compare it to the size of Area 51 and the Nevada Nuclear Test Site in the United States.

The Iranian military base is larger than either Area 51 or the Nevada Test Site but not quite as big as the both of them combined.

Secret Route into Area 51!

Area 51

A quick aside for some spy intrigue stuff…

While reviewing satellite images in and around Area 51 I discovered a circuitous route that gets all the way inside Area 51 without ever passing a single military checkpoint!

You can get up close and personal with Groom Lake… much closer than anything you have ever seen on TV on any UFO show. Those guys always go in the wrong two ways.

I GPSed the entire route for my next trip to Nevada. I may give it a go!

No, I won’t share that route!

I will, however, share the unsecured route with Area 51’s security team if they ever ask. 😉 😉

Now back to our regularly scheduled secret Iranian military base…

What the New York Times Didn’t Show

The NYT reports now that the explosion is a huge setback for Iran’s long-range solid rocket missile program and the base is bigger than the blast site.

As evidence the NYT says “outside experts who have examined (publicly available) satellite photos” found two nearby missile testing platforms proving they are testing solid fuel rocket technology. One is 1 mile and the other 5 miles from the blast site.

If those experts didn’t use Google Earth for their search, I’ll eat my hat!

I located the two missile testing platforms describe in the NYT story and they are shown below:

Six Horizontal Missile Testing Stands 7 miles from Blast

Solid-Fuel Rocket Test Stand 1 mile from Blast

Of significance is that the blast site looked nothing like these two horizontal missile testing platforms before the explosion.

I have a theory about the cause of the Bid Kaneh explosion which explains the apparent discrepancy that I’ll share in another article.

Bombs, and Bunkers and Berms… Oh My!

You won’t find any covert air bases there, but look around and you’ll discover tantalizing evidence of conventional weapons testing and other military activity of unknown purpose. The Iranians clearly do not want to attract much attention.

Scattered all over the place are what appear to be long lines of regularly spaced craters resulting from conventional bomb testing. Also widely scattered are small bunker complexes, and small isolated structures surrounded by berms.

Most everything else is concealed under corrugated metal buildings.

Bomb Testing Site

Bunkers Surrounded by a Berm

Structures Surrounded by Berms

Something just strange!

Two Huge New Building Complexes

Within close proximity to the blast site are two very large new building projects under construction since 2009. One is 3 miles northwest of the blast site and itself a full 3 miles long. The 2nd is 7 miles away and over 2 miles wide.

The very large 3-mile long site northwest of the blast area is shown in my first article.

The 2nd building project 7 miles to the south is only partially visible on Google Earth.

GE only has new satellite coverage of the northern part of huge facility.  All other coverage is older than May 4th 2010, before building construction started. Therefore it looks mostly like barren desert. It isn’t.

The whole complex appears to be a 2 mile wide pentagon shaped grouping of tall buildings still very much under construction.

Partly Obscured View of Major Complex

Closeup Showing Construction in Progress


Its clear that the Bid Kaneh explosion site is a tiny part of a much larger 300 square mile military weapons testing facility.

This widely scattered military reservation has been around since before 2004. However, by far, the most construction has been within the last 3 years.

Much can be learned about the explosion and surrounding military compound from Google Earth. Much more remains mysterious and hidden.

The Iranians are up to no good. Something big is going on in the desert 30 miles west of Tehran.

What that might be is anyone’s guess.



This story is the second in a 3-part series on the military explosion in Bid Kaneh, Iran on 11/12/2011:
The Bidganeh Blast: Hidden Secrets!
-Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 12/2/2011

The Bidganeh Blast: More Secrets!
-Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 12/7/2011

The Bid Kaneh Blast: A Theory
-Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 12/8/2011

Today’s article is also a supplement to one of my more popular articles. That one was written in May 2011 yet still gets several hits a day:
Finding Secret Military Bases Made Simple
-Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 5/15/2011


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