The Bid Kaneh Blast: A Theory

Bid Kaneh Blast (Source: ISIS)

On November 12, 2011 a massive explosion rocked a secret Iranian military base. It was so loud it was heard 30 miles away in central Tehran.

It killed 17 people and sent a plume of smoke thousands of feet in the sky.

What happened? Was it an accident? Was it sabotage?
For sure, its a mystery!

Perhaps we will never know what happened at Bid Kaneh.
(previously misidentified as “Bidganeh”)

Herein is a “best guess” speculation pieced together from snippets of information and satellite imagery.

Setting The Stage: Iranian Missile Testing

Iran has test fired many missiles nearby the explosion site. There are two sites within 7 miles that show clear evidence of horizontal mounted rocket engine tests.

The New York Times reports that experts who have examined the nearby sites on satellite images believe they show that Iran is developing solid fuel rocket technology.

Solid rocket fuels have many military advantages but are inherently less stable than their liquid fuel counterparts. Handling solid fuel compared to liquid fuel is sorta like handling nitro glycerine compared to dynamite. Dynamite is far easier and less likely to unexpectedly explode.

Military analysts believe that Iran is modifying its missile fleet to deliver nuclear weapons.

Examining the Site

Examining the explosion site tells the whole story.

The problem with the theory that the explosion was caused by a missile test misfire is that the spot where the explosion happened is between closely spaced buildings and blew them all to bits. Nobody would test there.

Specifically, scorch marks on the ground show the explosion happened right between the large hangar-like structure with the blue roof and the older building immediately south of it.

In fact, the explosion appears centered right near where a yellow crane used to be two months earlier.

Just left of the crane is a silvery cylindrical object that looks like, for all intents and purposes, to be a large missile engine. It was placed there between June 27th, 2011 and September 9th, 2011.

The explosion could not have been during a test firing. It wasn’t anywhere near a testing platform!

The Plot Thickens… Do You See the Berm?

A berm is a mound or wall of earth or sand.

Plainly seen within the full base satellite image shown above – right below the buildings – is a very large empty space enclosed within a big protective berm. A road leading into the berm area ends near a smaller semi-circle shaped berm.

That is likely where a missile test firing would take place. For testing, the engine side of the missile would be aimed into the semi-circle berm for additional safety.

The berm is new; built since March 2007.

There is a newly constructed blockhouse just outside the berm for observing tests in progress.

The blockhouse is even newer than the berm… built between May 4th 2010 and June 27th, 2011. And the tiny structure just outside the semi-circle berm was built AFTER June 27th, 2011.

An important piece of evidence is the berm area is suspiciously about the same size as the explosion that destroyed the base. It is big enough to have contained the explosion. That is probably not a coincidence.

Much Activity Since July 8th, 2009

Furthermore, its known there has been a huge amount of construction at the base since July 8th, 2009. The large hangar-like building and many other buildings were constructed, mostly after May 4th, 2010.

As late as September 9th 2011, its obvious no missile had ever been tested there before.

How do we know all this specific detail?

We know because it is clearly seen using Google Earth. Everything is well documented within GE’s history of satellite images for the secret base.

A Logical Explanation

For the first time… we can now piece together what led up to the explosion…

On November 12th the Iranians were preparing for their very first test of a new solid-fuel missile, one perhaps big enough to deliver a nuclear weapon on Israel.

The test was so important that the chief architect of their ballistic missile program, Major General Hassan Moqaddam, personally attended to oversee the preparations.

Under General Moqaddam’s direction, the base had been upgraded within the last two years to test this new and powerful solid fuel missile. The new missile engine had been brought in less than two months before the first test.

Soldiers were using the yellow crane to load the missile engine onto a transport to move it the short distance inside the big berm at the south end of the base for testing.

The idea was to move and place the missile engine on a newly completed missile test stand set facing a flame-protective semi-circle berm. Electronic monitoring equipment for the test had just been installed in the recently completed observation bunker.

The berm had been built to General Maqaddam’s exacting specifications. Its physical size and area was calculated to be big enough to contain a worst case scenario accident. Maqaddam’s calculations were correct.

Being solid fueled, the missile engine was already preloaded with the volatile mixture inside the big hangar. That was completed just prior to being moved into place for the test.

Perhaps it was static electricity; perhaps it was an errant spark; perhaps a soldier carelessly puffed on a cigarette during loading… we may never know exactly what set it off.

But something did. It exploded, destroying the base and killing General Maqaddam and 16 others.


Based on the evidence known so far, it appears likely the gigantic Bid Kaneh blast was caused by an accident, just as Iran claims.

Soldiers were using a crane to load the missile, filled with a highly unstable and volatile solid fuel mixture, onto to a vehicle. It was then to be driven to a brand new test stand specially constructed for that unique test.

They never got there.



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  1. In Google Earth, every satellite image can contain multiple user generated images, as well as words.

    • The Google Earth satellite view is a montage of overlapping individual images often taken years apart.

      I pointed that out in one of the other articles in this series on Bid Kaneh. In that case you can see where a huge military complex has been built in Iran, but that only a small, cutoff portion of it is eerily visible with Google Earth.

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