Smart Military Spending

Lets strip away election year political rhetoric from yesterday’s Presidential announcement of military spending reductions and drill down to reality.

First, the election year BS…

President Obama boldly called for an all new military to get rid of “outdated cold war-era systems”.

In another of what seems an infinite string of speeches he proclaimed:

We have to remember the lessons of history. We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past — after World War II, after Vietnam — when our military was left ill prepared for the future. As Commander in Chief, I will not let that happen again. Not on my watch!

Our military will be leaner, but the world must know the United States is going to maintain our military superiority

Cough! Cough!… Excuse me, I’m allergic to BS. Sorry.

To hear the President’s remarks you’d think he had personally come up with a carefully considered, well-crafted master plan to reshape the military for the future… He didn’t.

Reality Check Time

The only reason for yesterday’s announcement in military spending cuts is because the “Super Committee” failed to come up with a plan to prevent it.

Democrats in Congress negotiated deep military spending cuts into the Budget Control Act of 2011(S.365) because they reasoned Republicans would accept tax hikes to prevent military spending cuts.

Democrats were wrong. That is why the “Super Committee” failed.

Republicans, on the other hand, also miscalculated. They reasoned they could convince Democrats to accept some spending cuts in entitlements or other places in exchange for fewer spending cuts in the military.

Republicans were wrong. Democrats didn’t budge an inch!

That is what led yesterday… Cough! Cough!… to President Obama’s speech!

Who Won The Ideological Fight?

Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Not the President.

The America taxpayer did. Surprise!!

In their bumbling, incompetent ways the President, the Congress, Democrats and Republicans might have actually unintentionally done something right.

They have finally started us down the path to fiscal responsibility.

The “D”s and “R”s made their little power plays and the other didn’t blink.

Because of that, for the first time, this country is facing real fiscal reform, not the made up BS kind we always get from big government.

Cough! Cough!… Excuse me, its an allergic flashback to past spending cuts.

Where Do We Start?

Its long past overdue that this country finally decide to spend taxpayer money wisely, responsibly and efficiently. We are going broke, folks!

The military is as good a place to start as any.

Once discretionary programs and the military take their hits it’ll be easier to take on the real budget busters… entitlements and the frightening rise in interest payments on the national debt.

Military Spending Cuts

In the movie Patton (1970), during the opening monologue, General George S. Patton says:

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country

Defense Secretary Penatta

That is what we need to do.

Defense Secretary Leon Penatta’s proposals are right on!

A leaner, smaller and, most of all, a SMARTER military works.

Putting dwindling resources into better technologies to fight smarter wars with fewer ground troops is just the right medicine.

And it spends taxpayer dollars more wisely.

There are few disabled veterans or family members of military personnel who “gave the last full measure of devotion” who would not cheer from the rooftops in support of Penatta’s smarter strategy.


Republicans like spending cuts and lower taxes, but don’t like cuts to military spending.

Democrats don’t like cuts to anything and like to raise taxes indefinitely to pay for everything and then add new stuff on top of that.

But fiscal reality is beginning to set in. We gotta get real or this country will founder in a sea of red ink.

Our first step will be to make a leaner, smarter military that makes “the other poor dumb bastard die for his country” instead of our sons and daughters… our nation’s most treasured resources.

Now… if we can just wise up about our $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities for entitlements then we just might… MIGHT… be OK.


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