The Komen Conundrum

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure© foundation this past week at first had decided not to provide grants for Planned Parenthood and then reversed that decision.

This incident sadly reveals this nation’s deep-seated political polarization.

It adds to a widening wound within the soft tissue of liberty. It was egged on, of course, by a ratings-driven media frenzy which supported those who think that they should decide for others what others should do.

Should we continue to allow that to define what can and cannot be done then liberty and freedom, as we know them, will fade away into oblivion.

Orwell’s Big Brother is knocking at our doorstep.

The Controversy

The Komen foundation recently made a rule change banning grants to organizations under federal investigation. Behind the scenes, that decision could very well have been motivated by people holding pro-life views.

Planned Parenthood is under a federal investigation. So, by the new rule, is banned from receiving Komen grants.

The big flap all over the liberal blogosphere is that the rule change was politically motivated by conservative anti-abortion groups.

That started a HUGE firestorm of protest… fueled by the likes of CNN, MSNBC and liberal media pundits and talk show hosts… which are legion everywhere.

They decried far and wide that Komen, dedicated to curing breast cancer, had decided to deny 170,000 women breast cancer screenings.

Komen wilted under the onslaught and reversed themselves.

Abortion Rights

There is nothing inherently wrong with believing in abortion. It is the pro-choice woman’s “right to choose”.

It is a strongly held progressive/liberal value.

The world is overpopulated. Overpopulation is the crux of virtually every major problem we face on this planet.

Being forced to bring another unwanted baby into the world only makes matters worse, not better.

There is nothing inherently wrong with believing in the sanctity of life, either. It is equally valid, on religious grounds, to believe that abortion, under any conditions, is wrong.

It is a strongly held conservative value.

Americans are guaranteed religious freedom by the first amendment of U.S. Constitution.

Progressives are free to believe what they want. Conservatives are free to believe what they want.

Not Guaranteed in the Constitution

Regardless of motive, no one group or ideology has the right to decide for another group or ideology what they should or should not do.

But that is exactly what happened this last week.

Under the mantle of protest, pro-abortion advocates, fed by the national press, forced Komen, with anti-abortion views, to donate to the largest provider of abortion services in the United States.

Those groups don’t have that right. Nor does Komen have the right to deny Planned Parenthood from providing abortion services if they want.

Komen does, however, have the right to decide where they donate their own money. That right was denied them.

Komen took the easy path. Rather than stick up for a constitutionally guaranteed freedom, they capitulated to the will of others.


Komen’s conundrum was whether to stand up for their own beliefs or to bend to the will of others. Komen decide the better part of valor was to capitulate and live to fight another day.

Rather than face the onslaught of bad publicity that was sure to hurt their true cause… finding a cure for breast cancer… they let others define for them where they MUST make their donations.

Perhaps for Komen that is the right decision. However, for America it is a sad day.

For the cause of liberty and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, Komen’s decision definitely was the wrong one.

When we start letting mobs erode our freedoms to force their own will onto others then the United States will no longer be the country it once was.

You see… Big Brother is knocking at our doorstep!


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