Politics and the 2013 Budget

President Obama presented his 2013 budget to Congress Monday.

It begins with a message to Congress from the President.

It took just 41 words in 2 sentences for the President to utter a favorite euphemism for increasing taxes:

do their fair share
– President Barack Obama, 2013 Budget Message, 2/13/2012

I’d already downloaded the President’s complete 2013 budget document. Its a 256-page monstrosity, but I was determined to scour though it looking for good job creation ideas.

Instantly, after 41 words, I knew the President’s budget is another reelection gimmick crafted by him to turn hard working Americans of all persuasions against each other to win more votes.

Its depressing. I read no further.

Is it worthy of anybody’s reading time? Right off… its obviously chucked full of the same old divisiveness the President seems so good at promoting.

Republicans called it dead on arrival. Heck, they’ve already passed scores of job creation bills themselves, only to have every one of them buried by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The same thing will now happen to the President’s 2013 budget in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Clearly, this nation has become a house divided.

We need unity, Mr. President, not division!

Should Taxes Be Raised? – YES!

We have a $15.35 trillion national debt that so far in 2012 is growing at $3.2 billion a day. That growth is unsustainable.

We will not get out from under burgeoning debt without raising taxes. Its not possible. Republicans need to understand that.

Historically, Republican opposition to all tax increases goes back to the 1980s under President Reagan. Reagan struck a deal with Congress to allow raising taxes if Congress would pass spending cuts.

Congress got the tax increases, but the promised spending cuts were never made.

At President Reagan’s request, in 1985 Grover Norquist founded “Americans for Tax Reform” with his now infamous “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” never to raise taxes. It is signed by 238 Representatives and 41 Senators in the current U.S. Congress.

But the time has come for Republicans to give in on the issue of raising taxes.

Things are much worse now than in 1985.

Should Spending Be Cut?YES!

We have a $15.35 trillion national debt that so far in 2012 is growing at $3.2 billion a day. That growth is unsustainable.

Government spending is out-of-control and needs to be reeled in if the country is to prosper in the long term. Democrats and Republicans alike need to understand that.

The Great Spending Cut Lie

Federal bureaucrats have distorted the definition of a ‘spending cut’ so much that spending increases are now called spending cuts!

What Congress and the President call a spending cut is actually a reduction in the projected increase in government spending based on an unrealistic CBO baseline. In other words, the President’s claim of $4 trillion in spending cuts proposed in his 2013 budget is pure election year hogwash.

The great spending cut lie resides in CBO tables of projecting cuts spread over 10-years. Often they even include imaginary interest cost savings on money that wasn’t ever going to be spent anyway… like the $1 trillion war cost ‘spending cut’ Harry Reid proposed last summer.

Adding costly perks to woo voters while promising only imaginary cuts is not good government.

Democrats have to stop pretending and get realistic about spending.

Give ‘Em the ‘Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich’

Rather than bicker all year, here is a worthwhile idea…

Give President Obama and Democrats what they’ve been belly-aching over for three years… end the so-calledBush tax cuts for the rich“!

Ending those cuts is what the President means when he said “do their fair share”.

This mantra has been President Obama’s drumbeat since the day he took office. He speaks of it as if its a panacea for all our debt problems. It isn’t… not even remotely close!

According to a Congressional Research Service estimate in 2010 the revenues realized by ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich would bring in $252 billion over 5 years.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It isn’t! It is an average of $50.4 billion a year of additional federal income. Its probably a little bit more than that by now.

That is only 1.3% of Obama’s gigantic $3.8 TRILLION dollar 2013 budget. $50.4 billion is pocket change in the federal government’s budget.

But by giving in for that paltry sum which everyone, including the rich, know they can afford, Republicans would get the support they need from all American taxpayers for what they really want… to reduce real spending and create smaller, leaner and less costly government!

Given the massive $3.8 trillion budget and mind-boggling trillion dollar deficits we have, every breathing American knows the federal government could be trimmed a lot without a single reduction in existing services. Ask for that after giving into a tax increase and Republicans will find a sympathetic ear.

Now Throw In REAL Spending Cuts

In return for giving in, Republicans should insist on just one condition… modest, but real spending cuts.

Specifically, ask for $5 in immediate spending cuts for every $1 the rich kick in through higher taxes. Make the spending cuts effective the very same day the tax increases take effect.

Democrats couldn’t really object since they already claim to have offered $10 to $1 cuts before!

That would reduce real spending by $250 billion or so in it’s 1st year.

With $50 billion in new revenue, it will result in an instant reduction of $300 billion in the yearly deficit.

By no means is that enough to close the ginormous $1.3 trillion deficit, but its a good start that all Americans could call “shared responsibility”.


Raising taxes on the rich in exchange for REAL spending cuts that take place immediately without any reduction in services would get resounding support from the electorate.

That is what Republicans would propose if they were smart. But who says they are smart?

Before anyone starts to thinking Democrats are any smarter… Democrats are so stupid they don’t even think there is a spending problem.

$250 billion in real cuts along with $50 billion in new revenue won’t solve the problem but will take a big bite off it.

That makes it a far cry better than President Obama claiming $4 trillion in fictitious spending cuts when all he includes in the real 2013 budget is hundreds of billions in new stimulus spending.


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