Liberals Don’t Understand Conservatives

Paul Krugman

Liberals absolutely, positively do NOT understand conservative thinking.

Nor are conservatives gifted liberal mind-readers.

Liberals should stop telling everyone what conservatives think. They don’t know. They never get it right. A phalanx of references could be cited as proof.

Today’s latest example is this op-ed in the New York Times:
Natural Born Drillers” – Paul Krugman, New York Times, 3/15/2012

What Liberal Democrats Think Conservatives Believe

To be a “modern Republican in good standing”, op-ed columnist Paul Krugman writes that they must believe in “two miracles”:

  • More tax cuts for the rich
  • More drilling for oil

This particular NYT op-ed piece is on the editorial page, but Paul Krugman is most famously known for his NYT blog called “The Conscience of a Liberal” where he often posts many times daily.

Krugman is one of the most widely read liberal thinkers on Earth in both the print media and online. He also owns a Nobel Prize in economics.

Tax Cuts For The Rich

Conservatives do not… and NEVER have… believed in “more tax cuts for the rich”.

Liberals, like Krugman, and the liberal media have repeated that old, worn out line back and forth amongst themselves so much that they actually might believe it.

Krugman, as smart as he is, is so ideologically blind that he can’t dismiss his own written absurdity.

Conservatives believe in less government, lower taxes, less government infringement on individual liberties and self-reliance. Liberals mistakenly conclude that must mean conservative Republicans necessarily believe in “tax cuts for the rich”.

More Drilling For Oil

Krugman does, however, have the oil drilling part partially right. However, as a liberal limited thinker, he corners himself onto the down side of a purely economic issue.

In this economy and energy climate, conservative Republicans believe no clear thinking individual would suggest that this country should not use every resource at its command to accomplish these two goals:

  • Make energy affordable to stimulate the economy
  • Do everything possible to free us from foreign oil as an economic and national security concern

That means invest in green energy: wind, solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, hydrogen, etc.,etc.  And, yes, even invest in battery and/or hydrogen powered cars.

But at the end of the day, those technologies can’t do it alone. Even combined they aren’t cost effective enough to replace oil and gas and won’t be for decades.

Internal combustion gasoline isn’t going away any time soon. Its ubiquitous in today’s world.

Conservatives believe that continental oil and gas energy resources could tide us over for near a half century while alternative energy sources are economically perfected and the infrastructure to support them is put into place.

In partnership with two friendly neighbors, Canada and Mexico, we could free ourselves from foreign oil sources long enough if we just cooperated and developed resources right here in North America. It would maintain and strengthen the economy of the entire continent.

The only Republican concern about drilling is this… that it be done safely and preserves – long-term – an environmentally clean ecosystem. Man-caused global warming is part of their concerns.

There are legitimate worries about “fracking” as a safe technology for extracting oil and gas from deep underground. It is being closely scrutinized by geologists, hydrologists and earth scientists. It could still prove unsafe or environmentally damaging, but science supports it is safe right now.

But what about stuff I’ve heard on talk radio, you ask? Its way early to say the sky is falling, Chicken Little.


There is a simple lesson to take from all this.

Never let a liberal define for you what a conservative thinks. Never let a conservative define for you what a liberal thinks.

More often than not, in both cases, they are dead wrong!

Do your own thinking. Decide for yourself.


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  1. Oh my, you suggest thinking for oneself and collecting facts. That is actually impossible for left-hand-threaded-bolts and right-turning-wing-nuts. Well read and informed folks can see truth. You have just pointed out that fossil fuels will still need to be relied on, as the green revolution stuff is not cost effective without government subsidy. North America could actually go it alone if it wanted to, but a bigger principle is at stake. Right now the marginal production cost of oil is cheapest in the Middle East, so our elites have determined let’s use theirs up first, although it requires us to be militarily involved in everything all over the planet, and that sucks. Exxon once printed a map of all the areas in the US that are banned from drilling due to political conclusions. Basically the seaboards are off limits, so is the eastern Gulf of Mexico. I keep looking for that map because it is telling.

  2. We need some more articles from you. Here in Wisconsin, the media and Republican circus is coming to town, and I need your help keeping my brain engaged. The tv is going off.

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