Respecting Paul Ryan

I just finished listening to two back-to-back Chris Wallace interviews… one with Obama Senior Adviser, David Plouffe, and the other with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

I will tell you this… I would never want Wallace to question my weaknesses on anything. He has a way of cutting to the chase like nobody else.

There is never an ounce of partisan bias or emotion in his questioning. That is the really frightening part about Chris Wallace!

But to the one being questioned, his queries have to cut like a knife repeatedly plunged into your body by a serial killer. He leaves no stone unturned.

Wallace Dispatches Plouffe

Obama Senior Adviser David Plouffe

David Plouffe is one of those smart, young Obama strategists that helped him get elected in 2008.

He does the dirty work taking the tough questions that the President himself will NEVER, EVER allow asked of him.

In his very direct style, Wallace wiped Plouffe’s behind every which way but lose while Plouffe tried, unsuccessfully, to defend the President’s indefensible policies. It wasn’t pretty.

Plouffe must have felt like General Custer at the Little Big Horn. I don’t think Plouffe went home feeling very good, unless he is totally oblivious to reality.

Wallace Turns his Microscope on Ryan

Congressmen Paul Ryan

Then Wallace trained his big guns on Paul Ryan. To be honest, Wallace is downright scary that way.

He pummeled Ryan and his budget plan left and right, even more deeply than he did Plouffe’s fluff.

Liberals trash Paul Ryan almost literally every day. Ryan has been the butt of late night comics, liberal talk show hosts and any number of CNN discussion forums. There are not many people brave enough to defend him in public.

In recent years, few politicians have been publicly vilified more than Paul Ryan.

As is his way, Wallace cut Ryan no slack either. Wallace goes after you on substance, though, not personality.

But Ryan handled each Wallace howitzer without hesitation and with the competence of General George S. Patton himself under fire.

It struck me that not only has Ryan proposed tax reforms that actually have a chance to save the country, but that he is immune to all the trash talk he suffers at the hands of his enemies.

I’ve never once heard Ryan use negative trash talk against his detractors like they commonly aim daily at him. Maybe its a Wisconsin thing.

But for that he will have my undying respect forever.


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