Find the Secret Korean Missile Base

Note: 1st in a series on North Korea’s missile test and nuclear weapons program
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For those with Google Earth, the KMZ file showing the rocket’s flight path can be downloaded

North Korean Tongchang-dong Missile Launch Pad

Unha-3 Rocket Sits on Launch Pad Ready to Test as of 4/8/2012

Those pesky North Koreans have been busy little bees since papa Kim Jung-il died and son Kim Jung-un assumed power last December.

Two major North Korean military stories hit the front pages within the last week:

  • Preparations to detonate their 3rd nuclear bomb
  • Test firing a long-range missile that can deliver a nuclear weapon

The two tests take place on opposite sides of the country. It has so confused them that CNN combined the two stories. They don’t quite know what is going on.

Ominously, it’s likely not coincidence that Kim Jung Un is being named Supreme Leader later this week!

As per usual, CNN didn’t dig deep enough into the story to find more juicy factoids.

That is where you, with my help, can step in. I’ll tell you how to find the secret North Korean missile launch site. Once there then look around the area for yourself… you just might discover breaking news in the making!

In the meantime, while you are doing that, allow me to point out a couple other important features at the missile site that CNN overlooked.

Finding Secret Military Bases Made Simple

In stories about stuff like a North Korean missile test firing the big news organizations will always give you the two hints you need to find where a secret military complex is:

  • An orbital satellite image
  • The name of some place near-by

That is all you need.

For example, that info is provided us courtesy of CNN right here:
NEW LOOK: North Korea’s launch pad” – Adam Levine, CNN, 3/22/2012

Google It!

CNN shows a satellite picture and says the launch site is about 15 miles south of Cholsan, North Korea.

The most direct way to find it is to simply enter “Cholsan, North Korea” into Google Earth’s search box and click “Search”. You’re almost there.

GE zooms way far in to an area only about 2/10s of a mile wide.  The launch pad is 15 miles away!

So scroll back out until the Scale Legend – a scale on the lower left of the screen – reads around 7 miles (11 kilometers). The launch pad is down near the bottom of the screen, east of due south. You won’t see it right off.

Its down in a dark area of vegetation right on a long road from Cholsan.

Move down then slowly zoom in again. You’ll see several big white patches along an isolated road with little else around. You can use CNN’s satellite picture when zooming in on each area to verify you’ve found the launch pad.

It sticks out like a sore thumb as you close in.

What CNN overlooked!

Flight Path for North Korea's Unha-3 Rocket

Missile Assembly Building

The launch pad is part of a much larger military complex. There are a number of isolated clusters of buildings. Who knows what they are all used for. Maybe you can figure it out.

Google Earth identifies an innocent looking building about 1/4 of a mile from the launch pad as a “Horizontal Processing Plant”. According to the military watchdogs at its the Missile Assembly Building. That is where the missile is put together for launch.

Explosion Shielded Building 1,200 feet from Missile Assembly Building

Not identified anywhere I’ve found is another isolated building directly across the road from the missile assembly building about 1,200 feet away. It is nestled within low hills and has a large, distinct earthen berm surround most of it.

I’ve seen protected buildings like that before. They are reserved for special places that might suffer catastrophic explosions.

Just such a place on another secret military base in Iran was where Iran’s chief liquid-fuel rocket scientist died in a catastrophic explosion while preparing  a missile test.

What are these?

Here are several other separate and isolated clusters of buildings of unknown function on the military complex.

No doubt they provide launch support services. Perhaps you can figure out what that might be.


There are not one, not two, but THREE major military dramas unfolding in North Korea right now.

Combined, if successful, they will have dire consequences that could escalate into a very real threat of nuclear war and nuclear holocaust. The first since the Cold War.

This article covers just 1/3rd of the story… the delivery system.

There are two other melodramas being played out, too.

There are two more secret North Korean military bases to find and to explore!


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  1. Wow. You need to work for the NSC now. My mom said there were some things better off not knowing and leaving to experts like General Eisenhower.

    • Tell mom not to read today or tomorrow’s articles… they have more things she’ll think better off not knowing.

      Personally, I think this is stuff everyone needs to see in the light of day to prevent a nuclear catastrophy.

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