Where To Test A Nuclear Bomb

Note: 2nd in a series on North Korea
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Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the rugged far northeastern mountains of North Korea near Chinese border

Three ingredients are needed to create a nuclear holocaust:

  • A deliver system
  • The ability to build a nuclear weapon
  • A functioning nuclear bomb

Right this minute, under new leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea is working on all three at the same time.

If not today, they will probably test their long-range Unha-3 missile within the next few days. Its been sitting on the launch pad since April 8th. It’s capable of delivering a nuclear weapon

Yesterday, in “Find the Secret Korean Missile Base“, I showed readers how to locate and explore Korea’s missile launch facilities and revealed a couple of its features that have not yet made headlines.

Today I’ll show readers how to find North Korea’s crude version of the Nevada Test Site and show a few of the things found there. Then you can explore it on your own to reveal its other secrets.

Tomorrow, I’ll literally show where North Korea’s nuclear weapons manufacturing is at and tell what they are doing with it right now.

Why the Urgency?

North Korea, apparently, has a functioning nuclear bomb!

Right now, South Korea reports that the north is preparing to detonate their 3rd nuclear bomb. It is expected that test will follow closely on the heels of the missile test.

According to the south, excavations in preparation for the test are under way.

Where are North Korea’s nuclear weapons facilities?

All of North Korea’s nuclear weapons development is up in the rugged far north of the Korean Peninsula by the Chinese border.

The missile launch site is on the far west side of the country. Nuclear bombs are tested on the far east side of the country. Nuclear weapons are manufactured in-between.

Where Do You Test a Nuclear Bomb?

Punggye-ri Test Site: Two Nuclear Bombs Detonated Here. One in 2006 and one in 2009

Being a poor nation working on a shoestring budget, they have to make due with what they’ve got.

North Korea decided to test their nukes underground in a commandeered mine shaft near the tiny remote mining town of Chik-tong, North Hamgyong province. The rugged uninhabited landscape provides perfect natural protection in case of disasters.

Fire up Google Earth, enter “Chik-tong,North Hamgyong,North Korea” in the search box, and it will take you right to it. As you slowly zoom in to get a closer look you’ll see a sinuous road running north up the valley that ends at a secluded white patch of modest looking buildings about a mile north of the town site.

Go there. That is where North Korea detonated two previous low-yield nukes. One on October 9,2006 and the other on May 25th, 2009. Both were smaller than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If you zoom all the way into Chik-tong itself then you will be disappointed. There’s nothing there. The town was decommissioned before nuclear testing began.

The blast site itself doesn’t look like much. Nothing shows on the surface. Heck, the current Google Earth satellite image was taken less than 5 months after the 2nd and larger detonation.

More to See

Back out and rummage around with Google Earth and you will find these other things:


In violation of international treaties, new leader Kim Jung-un, has resumed North Korea’s nuclear programs in earnest. The missile test is imminent. The nuclear bomb detonation is not far behind.

Perhaps North Korea is just bluffing. Perhaps it is jockeying for more concessions from the United States. Perhaps South Korea is in error that the north is excavating for another nuke explosion.

If North Korea does soon explode a nuclear bomb for the 3rd time it can mean only one thing… the north never stopped its nuclear weapons program and caught the west napping.

North Korea may be unstoppable on the doorstep of success.

In the next and last article in this series…
We’ll literally take a bird’s eye view of North Korea’s nuclear weapons manufacturing capabilities. Then, based on what is found, use logical deduction to assess their ultimate capacity to build bigger and better nuclear bombs.


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  1. Why do they want them? Do they fear a South Korea invasion, or one from China? Is it all national pride? Is it to scare us from attacking as if we would ever? Lots of questions.

    One thing for sure, your web blog is now being tracked by the “Agencies.”

    • Great questions… I really don’t know.

      A Speculation:
      It started with the U.S. arming the South with nukes decades ago, but I think it’s evolved into a twisted personal mission by Kim Jung-il and now continued by his son Kim Jung-un to carve out a special place for themselves on the world stage.

      They can achieve that goal by becoming a nuclear-armed nation.
      Spy Story Note:
      I’ve written here about clandestine activities before and am paranoid enough to believe I’m tracked.

      Back in early 2002, a few months after 911, I worked temporarily in Baltimore for several months. I don’t get to the DC area often, so it was a real treat. The Smithsonian is one my all-time favorite places. I went there bunches.

      One Saturday I decided it would be really, really cool to visit the National Cryptographic Museum. It sits right next to NSA headquarters at Fort Mead.

      Back then the place had been freshly fortified with cement barriers and stuff like that. I missed a turn and found myself in the totally deserted parking lot in front of NSA headquarters… the exact building you see from the air in spy movies all the time.

      I innocently walked inside to ask directions to the Cryptographic Museum. There were a bunch of military types who became statue-like eyeballing me very intensely. One guy gave me directions and I left.

      I drove the short distance to the museum, walked to the door and found it was closed indefinitely due to 911. The guy could have told me, but didn’t.

      When I got back in my car I spotted a black van with tinted windows and a bunch of short antennas parked nearby. It wasn’t there when I got out. That, too, was just like you see in movies… only it was real.

      It followed me from a respectful distance out of the parking lot as I headed back to Baltimore. I was watching closely yet still didn’t see when he disappeared.

      You can bet the farm I’m on somebody’s watch list somewhere.

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