Finding Secret Military Bases: Yucca Lake

Google Earth is the single most powerful tool available for the armchair sleuth to find and learn about secret military bases.  With it you’ll learn more than CNN or the New York Times can ever tell you.

Today’s proof will use only a Fox News story. From it we will go beyond the sound bites to:

  • Locate the secret military base
  • Find revealing images of it not published anywhere
  • Learn its history
  • Discover other nearby secret military bases

Here is the Fox News story:
Are These Satellite Images Exposing America’s Secrets?
-John Brandon, Fox News, 12/10/2011

Btw, John… the answer to your question is YES!

If you don’t already have it then download Google Earth, install it and learn how to use it. Its worth it!

Find the Secret Yucca Lake Military Base

Its duck soup easy. The Fox story has a satellite image and says Yucca Lake, Nevada. That is all you need.

Just fire up GE and type “Yucca Lake, NV” into the search box. It’ll whisk you right to it.

You will see a dry white lake bed. Just outside the lake on the southeast side – plain as the nose on your face – you will see a landing strip and buildings that look just like what’s in the Fox satellite image.

Now you are ready to zoom in and learn more than Fox News, CNN, the New York Times or any other major news organization knows!

The Power of Google Earth!

Yucca Lake Airfield as of 7/17/2011

The incredible power of Google Earth comes from its overlapping history of satellite images of secret military bases.

This particular secret base – an unmanned predator testing site – currently has a rich history of 12 satellite images ranging over time from 8/18/1998 through 7/17/2011.

Other secret bases have more or fewer images than this. Each base is unique.

In the image above you can see a scrollable timeline display from 1998 to 2011. It has little markers indicating the dates of the satellite images in GE’s history.

Above the timeline you see a tiny clock icon that is highlighted. That is what you click to access Google Earth’s history of images for whatever you are looking at on the screen. The closer you zoom in, the more localized that history becomes.

You can click the little arrows to go backward and forward through GE’s history of images.

That is how you learn more than the big boys know!

Discovery #1 – The MQ-1 Predator!

General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone on the taxiway on 3/14/2011

The indicator above shows what Flightglobal “imaging analysts” say is a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator or a MQ-9 Reaper UAV being towed on the parking ramp. Flightglobal is an aerospace and aviation media service.

It is visible on a GE image captured on 3/14/2011. It is the 3rd most recent GE image of the Yucca Lake testing facility. In the real GE you can zoom way in to see the predator close-up.

Discovery #2 – A Pilatus PC-12NG and a Beechcraft King Air

Pilatus PC-12NG and Beechcraft King Air on the tarmac on 12/2/2006

Though they do not publish this picture anywhere, Flightglobal identifies the two private aircraft on the tarmac as a Pilatus PC-12 and a Beechcraft King Air.

Flightglobal says it means military contractor Lockheed-Martin out of Palmdale, CA probably uses this testing facility for their secret military projects.

If it is true then this image further proves that Lockeed-Martin was deeply involved in early development of the testing site since major structures were still under construction at that time.

History of the Yucca Lake Test Facility

Yucca Lake Site on 8/18/1998

Yucca Lake Airfield on 2/2/2005

In 1998 a building structure and the circular fence existed on the site, but there was no airfield.

Little changed at the site up through 2/2/2005 when a dirt runway appeared.

But in 2005 construction at the site accelerated greatly. By October 1st a completely paved mile long runway, taxiway and tarmac were completed.

More land was cleared and construction materials were scattered all over the place.

By October 17, 2009 construction at the site was completed. The Lockheed-Martin aircraft visited the site during the height of construction.

Other nearby Secret Bases

Area 51, the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and the Yucca Lake Drone Test Facility

The Yucca Lake Airfield is in the company of some heady secret military bases. Beginning barely 4 miles north of the runway the ground is littered with the craters of about 100 nuclear bombs tested during the Cold War.

Only 24 miles northeast of Yucca is the most celebrated secret military base of them all – Area 51 at Groom Lake!

There is a very tantalizing something nearby of unknown purpose…

Another Secret Yucca Facility. Be sure to click on it to see a full sized close-up!!!

Whatever it is, this facility is 3 miles southwest of the Yucca Lake Airfield. It was built at the same time as the airfield and is at the end of a road leading directly from the airfield.

Be sure to click the above image to see the full sized close-up of it!

Anyone have any idea what it is?? Guidance? Communications?


Yes, Mr. John Brandon of Fox News, YOU are revealing America’s military secrets with your story.

Everything here came from your Fox News story! We know more now about the secret Yucca Lake unmanned predator airfield than all you big time news organizations combined.

Heck, nobody even knows if the airfield has an official name. That’s just what Flightglobal calls it. The Pentagon isn’t saying.

But this much we know for certain…

An armchair sleuth with a Net connected laptop can find any secret military base in the world with only a satellite image and a hint of what is nearby… and Google Earth!


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  1. Another good article.

    This one again involves the “Agencies.” I have this suspicion they are all knowing. That means, they let us see this stuff because they want us to see this stuff, because it will scare the living daylights out of the enemy and us, because even more lurks in those buildings which you cannot see inside of. Or the photos that GE puts up are the ones the Agencies want put up in a clever disinformation plan. Folks working for the Agencies are very smart and let things happen like this for a reason. This is not to downplay your efforts. The mainstream media is filled with dolts that are spoon fed from press officers.

  2. Azleader, you just taught me aspects of google earth I had no idea about. Love that timeline thing – never even noticed it.

    For the last few days, I’ve been meaning to get something up about that massive new NSA facilitiy in Utah (I think it’s Utah). Between it and that city-sized Baghdad embassy compound, gotta wonder how our leaders see our future . . . he NSA thing is deeply disturbing.

    • I’ll look forward to what you discover about the new NSA facility.

      • I”ve been so damn unbloggy – have a pile of stuff on my desk that looks post-worthy, but . . . that NSA story is mostly out there, but people don’t seem to know or care.

      • I hear ya… I got a zillion unfinished ideas unpublished. Makes me feel guilty when they are all important stuff 😦

        Regarding stories that are out there…
        I find that a lot are under-reported or that folks miss some biggy parts to them…
        Like the Fox News story above.

        Other times they just repeat what everyone else says without thinking deep enough to understand it and report the story correctly…
        Such as the nonsense speculation North Korea will now explode a Nuke to save face because the rocket failed.

        Heck, NK already did exactly that same thing twice before – rocket launch follow by nuclear bomb test – and they already excavated for the Nuke test weeks before the launch. The Nuke test was part of the plan all along.

      • Yeah az, but surely you can’t expect our media culture to follow a story that doens’t have sex and scandal in it!

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