Where North Korea Will Test Nuke

Note: 7th in a series on North Korea
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Since it could be TODAY, you just might want a heads up where North Korea will set off its 3rd nuclear explosion. I’ll end the suspense right now.

It isn’t exactly a well kept secret, anyway, but the details will be news to the CNNs of the world.

The nuclear detonation will be in a newly excavated mine shaft just 1,700 feet away from where North Korea set off its 2nd nuclear blast in 2009. This test will be under the mountain next door.

Why Today?

In 2006 and 2009 North Korea (DPRK) followed up major rocket tests by detonating a nuclear bomb. If their 3-year pattern follows true to form then we will see a 3rd nuclear detonation soon… VERY soon.

We’ve already had the rocket test.

Military sword rattling in the last couple days has ratcheted speculation the North’s nuke test is imminent.

The “Korean People’s Army” was formed exactly 80 years ago today. DPRK likes to demonstrate its strength on important anniversaries. That is why the scuttlebutt pinging around Seoul is that today might be the day.

Given it’s already late, it does not look like today is the day… but blast day will be soon.

Proof North Korea is preparing a 2012 nuclear test


Despite threats, DPRK is in no position to follow through by visiting nuclear annihilation upon the South or on the United States. The dismal rocket failure is proof of that.

Instead, they will go with their original plan… their real plan.

Just before the failed rocket launch, South Korea reported they had discovered preparations for a nuclear bomb test on satellite images. They claim it shows where the test area is excavated. The satellite picture was taken 4/1/2012.

If they are right, the nuke test will be at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site. A similar excavation was seen nearby just prior to the North’s 2009 nuclear test.

Punggye-ri is DPRK’s version of the old Nevada Nuclear Test Site where the U.S. tested nukes.

A Curious Error

Identifying the exact location of the 2012 nuke test site from the above image was no easy task.

It was made difficult because the two close-up, progressively larger, overlays are mysteriously horizontally reversed. It doesn’t help that I can’t read Korean. 😉

Once I figured that out, though, it was a piece of cake. I ignored the overlays and just used the tiny box labeled “3?” above as a reference. If yours truly had difficulty, you can bet your bottom dollar CNN will never figure it before blast day.


If someone is going to explode a nuclear bomb, ya might wanna know “where?”

Inquiring minds need to know.

As we highly-skilled, investigative journalists often say… now you know the who, what, where, when(almost) and why. I’ll leave how for next time.

Oh, for you doubter’s at CNN and the New York Times, you can verify the exact test location for yourselves…

All you need are the pictures above and read this insightful news account:
Where to Test a Nuclear Bomb” – Azleader, Inform The Pundits!, 4/10/2012


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  1. I am surprised the Agencies have not hired you yet. Imagine what you could do with the really good stuff from all the secret devices with better cameras etc.

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