DPRK Back on Track for July 4th Nuke Test!

Note: 12th in a series on North Korea
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The Korea JoongAng Daily reports today that North Korea threatens to continue strengthening its nuclear deterrence against South Korea and the United States.

That is in sharp contrast to what was reported on June 9th in the Huffington Post. Then an unnamed North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson was quoted as saying the North has no current plans to conduct a nuclear test.

At the time this writer speculated there may have been a technical snag in the North’s preparations for a 3rd nuclear test detonation.

With North Korea you have to interpret cryptic signals provided in official statements and satellite images. It is a lot like was done with the old Soviet Union back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Figuring out what North Korea is going to do next is like reading tea leaves.

Newest Sword Rattling

Joint U.S. and South Korean Military Exercises Near DMZ Targets North Korean Flag

The latest outburst came in an article titled “DPRK FM Spokesman Denounces U.S. Military Provocation”.

The unnamed foreign ministry spokesman called the military exercises “the largest-ever joint live firing drill in the area south of the Demilitarized Zone” and “another grave provocative act of violating the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK”.

The statement said more:

It is an extremely grave military action and politically-motivated provocation to fire live bullets and shells at the flag of a sovereign state without a declaration of war.

The DPRK will further bolster up its nuclear deterrent for self-defence
– DPRK FM Spokesman, Korean Central News Agency, 6/24/2012

The Next DPRK Nuclear Test

There has been a great deal of western speculation about when North Korea plans to conduct a 3rd nuclear bomb test.

The first was conducted in 2006 and the second in 2009.

History dictates that 2012 is when the North will conduct its 3rd test. The North has sufficient weapons-grade nuclear material for a 3rd test.

Recent history shows that nuke tests are conducted in conjunction with missile tests every three years. That was true in 2006 and in 2009. We’ve already had a well-publicized missile test in April.

Furthermore, recent satellite images clearly show that the North has been intensely preparing for a 3rd nuke test at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

July 4th, 2012??

The question is not if, but when North Korea will conduct it’s next nuclear bomb detonation.

Just like all old Soviet era communist dictatorships North Korea never tells you exactly what they intend to do, especially with nukes.

This much is known… the North has conducted weapons of mass destruction (WMD) tests within a day of the U.S. Independence Day twice before.  There is no other geopolitical reason for the North to do so.

The North has a propensity to conduct WMD tests on U.S. holidays. Perhaps it is their attempt to strike fear into our hearts.


North Korea is a very secretive, very poor country. It’s unable to feed its own people. Its main source of strength and prestige is through ancestral hero worship and its WMD programs.

It has accomplished both goals by pouring tens of billions into WMD programs. From them it has also excised concessions from outsiders… including Russia, China and the the United States. It exported nuclear weapons technology to Iran.

Just a couple months ago DPRK wasted a U.S. food-aid agreement for its starving people in order to test an ICBM.

Now, a week before the 4th of July, North Korea suddenly resumes brandishing its nuclear saber again.

Will there be a 3rd nuclear test next week? Only time will yell.


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  1. July 1 today, and the countdown begins. I hope it is a thud.

  2. Hopefully, history will not repeat itself this time around. In this case, I’d rather be wrong than right.

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