Negative Campaigning

I heard my first locally broadcast presidential political campaign ad this week. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last. The campaign season is shaping up to be long, expensive and nasty.

The one I heard is this 30 second Obama Campaign TV spot that begins…
“I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message” – Mitt Romney Sings “America the Beautiful

Conduct unbecoming the President of the United States of America was my first reaction. False and misleading was the second.

I’m sure we’ll all be subjected to thousands of disgusting negative ads from both sides. They’ll come from the traditional official campaign organizations, sleazy unaccountable non-profits, unions, SuperPACs and who knows where else.

The two or three billion spent on them this year would be better applied paying down about half a day’s worth of federal government deficit spending.

Sleaze-ball Politics

Normally, I’d track down the truth and tell folks what it is. I’m not gonna bother. It takes to long to weed out the predictable lies from both political camps.

Its a safe bet that upwards of 100% of both Romney and Obama negative ads will be false. Why bother verifying that? Voters gullible enough to believe them wouldn’t be swayed by actual truth anyway.

Take the Obama ad, for example. A recent opinion poll said the biggest fear of about 76% of American voters this year is jobs being lost because they are shipped oversees. Its a valid fear. The United States has lost its competitive edge in the global marketplace.

What we should be hearing are ideas how to make America competitive again.

So what is in the negative ad? Yup! Three claims Romney shipped jobs overseas. That was followed by three implied claims Romney is committing tax fraud… a federal crime.

And all that while I was subjected to a bad version of “America the Beautiful” sung by Mitt Romney.

Real classy stuff.

The Way to Fix a Broken System

The only thing really wrong with American politics is money.

Millions to billions spent by special interest groups to buy elections is not how democracy should work. It corrupts not just elections, but the function of government at every level.

The problem, though, is that the folks who get paid to fix that problem are the primary beneficiaries of a broken system. The FEC is little more than a bad joke.

The obvious solution is to take the money out of the electoral process… ALL the money.

Make it illegal for any person, including the candidate themselves, to raise and spend money on campaigns. That includes rich billionaires, unions and so-called “corporate person-hood”.

It would require Congress to pass a law signed by the President to make it happen. Congress would then budget for elections and define a fair, equitable way to divvy up the campaign funds among qualified candidates. Only official, FEC-registered campaigns headed by the individual candidate would be dispersed audited public funds and authorized to spend it… and not a penny more.

Just like now, campaigns could chose to waste their allotted funds anyway they want. Government, communities and the media would cooperate to give all candidates equal opportunity to be heard. The high and mighty would get the same amount of TV time as the lowly unknowns.


The barrage of negative ads we will be subjected to should be ruled cruel and unusual punishment by the Supreme Court and everyone involved in making them rounded up and thrown in jail until after November 6th.

Unfortunately, real campaign reform will never happen. Voters won’t commit themselves to stand up and demand it.

As long as that remains true then we will all be subjected to the cyclic political nightmare of negative campaigning that is in our immediate future.


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  1. william wallace

    One can’t help but applaud Mitt Romney his honesty his
    ability to care for (all the people) not that of a select few.

    Mitt clealy showing his good qualities / of which be many.

    It’s little wonder people in millions fully continue join / in
    giving Mitt their support his being the next US president.

  2. Isn’t Mr Good Guy Romney the same guy that torpedo every foe with overwhelming negative advertising in the Republican primaries?

    I tend to believe this is gonna be a low-blow campaign pretty much all the way. 😦

    Hopefully, I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic.

  3. william wallace

    Azleader / it is you whom being the victim of negative campaiging
    from the democrats as from BARACK’S wealthy backers whom by
    the way own a great part of the media / TV / newspapers / radio..

    BARACK broke every promise he made / adding insult unto injury
    rather than protect the rights of people BARACK removed the few
    rights people had remaining. BARACK’S wealthy backers in being
    in awe at his ability to lie/deceive/cheat/ serving their agenda they
    in showing their apprecation awarded BARACK a “NOBEL PRIZE”.

    Mitt does not need a fraudulant “NOBEL PRIZE” being awarded to
    him / when he has the support of the people / through his genuine
    effort to make the USA a great nation a people whom stand proud.

    • You are 100% right that the mainstream media is in Obama’s back pocket. It’s a fact of life for conservatives that they always must overcome that built-in media disadvantage.

      But when it comes to campaigns, though, money talks. And I have a sneaking suspicion that none of us are gonna like what it says from either side. I’ve already gagged on the very first thing.

      Background Information:
      The Obama commercial was run locally because Obama had a “grassroots” campaign event scheduled here. It got canceled the middle of last week.

      However, the Tea Party grassroots movement folks are busy little bees out there quietly buzzing all around doing their thing. They started buzzing a lot louder after the Supreme Court Obamacare decision. My email from them has quadrupled. I hear from them more often than I get Obama $3 appeals… and I get tons of them!

  4. william wallace

    azleader / BARACK is in the back pocket of the mainstream media
    that be how he managed reach the dizzy heights of political power
    his ability to lie to cheat as he smilingly shakes your hand a talent
    that was early recognized that would serve well in a political arena
    the reality being you can’t fool all the people all of the time / being
    president / BARACK but showing his true skill being that of selling
    used cars // cars that not even roadworthy /a danger to the buyer.

    The USA having had a fraudster as president // they do not need
    another term of such nonsense / the Tea Party are people whom
    but appalled by such corrupt political practices done by BARACK
    BARACK’s political policies are but based on promising illusion to
    the masses /promises which simply can’t be meet / promises that
    turn one section of the people against the other / dividing people.

    Divide and rule is how empires being built / the USA having tried
    such plicy in its aim of political military world domination however
    they failed / they failed to follow such set rules of divide and rule
    the fault being that USA govts military having little knowledge of
    rules of division and overpowering to an extreme in rules of rule.

    What BARACK having done is carried out a divide and rule agin
    his own people / that is simply the work one could expect coming
    from the worst of the worlds dictatorships / not an USA president.

    Will BARACK’s ploy work / give him another term in office ? it be
    unlikly / american people through media brainwashing regarded
    as by politicians as mere sheep to fleece yet they were cautious
    in their fleecing /where BARACK shows no caution cutting to the
    very bone. / In coming to their senses people will evict BARACK
    from office / having learnt another sharp lesson as to politicians.

  5. Here in Missouri I’ve been lucky. Neither campaign has a presence here. I haven’t even seen any yard signs except for local races. I guess Obama is conceeding MO to Romney. So much for being a swing state.

  6. You just came up with a brilliant way to curb the Super PACs et al. Declare their material as cruel and unusual punishment, and therefore Unconstitutional. Everyone in the country knows the ads are crapola and a waste of money too. So this would be a Double win.

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