Benghazi Revelations Very Disturbing

On Saturday, NBC affiliate reporter Kyle Clark of KUSA-TV in Denver, Colorado asked President Obama about reports circulating that the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was denied requests (plural) for help during the attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and 13 others.

The President’s answer was less than forthcoming. As more details emerge it is becoming clear that Libyagate is growing into a full-blown coverup of Nixonian proportions.

Within a couple days, AlJazeera reported the attack was the work of “experienced masterminds” and quoted Libyan President Mohamed al-Magarief saying, “I think this was al-Qaeda”.

“Stonewall” is the first word that comes to mind listening to President Obama’s response to Clark.

President Richard Nixon stonewalled Watergate in the late stages of the 1972 presidential campaign… and Nixon won! Nixon was later forced to resign the presidency because of Watergate.

Will Libyagate be President Obama’s legacy?

Frightening Benghazi Details

Terrorist celebrates while Ambassador Stephens lies dying from smoke inhalation

The families of the dead and the American people deserve straightforward answers. The answers are already available. The President is not giving them.

Here are some known details…

The Benghazi attack lasted 7 hours. It had two phases. The first was at the consulate where Ambassador Stevens was killed when it was burned down. The second was about a mile away at an annex facility. At no time were protesters involved. It was a coordinated, preplanned terrorist attack.

Numerous communications requesting help in several forms came from the consulate as the attack proceeded. They have been widely reported and confirmed.

CIA operatives at the annex say they were told twice by superiors to “stand down” rather than go to the aid of Ambassador Stevens at the U.S. Consulate. Navy Seal Tyrone Woods and several others ignored the order and went anyway. In a firefight, they rescued consulate staff under attack and recovered the body of slain foreign service worker Sean Smith.

An hour later, when the annex itself came under mortar fire, they requested air support and lased the target firing the mortars in preparation for an expected air strike. They were denied the air support.

Tyrone Woods and another Navy Seal, Glen Doherty, died defending the annex facility from a machine gun emplacement on a rooftop position. They were killed by a mortar shell.


Everyone knows the Administration has muffed handling the aftermath of the Benghazi attack badly.

For nearly two weeks the Administration generally blamed a video trailer for inciting the violence in Benghazi. At a UN speech the President mentioned the video six times. He never specifically categorized Benghazi itself as a terrorist attack.

President Obama didn’t even frame Benghazi as a terrorist attack during his non-answers to Clark’s questions on Saturday. Instead, he invoked the “we’re going to investigate exactly what happened” excuse and did not answer either of Clark’s direct questions.

Why? Why did Richard Nixon stonewall reporters during the 1972 campaign?

In Libyagate, like in Watergate, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


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  1. But, unlike Watergate, four good men were killed in Libya. Our president and our Generals watch in real time what was happening and did nothing to help our people. That is treason in my book.

    • 13 people were killed… including 10 Libyans, according to AlJezeera.

      Agreed, when lives were lost due to inaction that could have saved some or all of them, it is worse than Watergate and someone needs to be held accountable.

  2. This story is disturbing, so I cannot hit the like button. At best we have incompetence showing here. At worst a game of spookery by the politicians and the spys; but if the pols play the obstruction of justice card like Nixon did, then impeachment etc. will be in the cards if the President is reelected. The repercussions of throwing the intelligence community under the bus will have repercussions for months to come. I am so naive I hope honesty prevails.

    I am cynical enough to realize if you want to see President Obama squirm the next two years with the Democrats get crushed in the 2014 election, vote Obama. This is one zit that is not going away.

  3. It is a very sad story… I made up the term “Libyagate” when writing, but found out I was not the first to use that term only a few minutes ago. I guess I should not be the least bit surprise that it is all over the Net.

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