Election 2012: More of the Same

Its been a long vicious campaign with billions of dollars spent, but when the smoke clears we will have exactly the same balance in the Executive and Legislative branches for the next four years as we do today.

It isn’t gonna change.

Republicans will retain control of the House, Democrats will control the Senate and President Obama will win in a close electoral college tussle.

Here is how it will go down…

The Presidential Race

There will be a lot of talk about swing states and such but the real reason Romney will lose is because he’ll fail to win his birth state of Michigan and Massachusetts where he was governor.

Between them they have 27 electoral votes… more than enough to have won it for Romney.

That is eerily reminiscent of Al Gore back in 2000 who would have won the presidency if only he’d won his home state of Tennessee. Instead, he got hanging chads and a moral victory by winning the popular vote.

Ironically, Mitt Romney may share both honors with Gore tomorrow. Romney might win the popular vote, but lose the electoral college and the White House.

If so, Democrats will crow loudly that its payback time for 2000 and roar with laughter.

There is no logical reason Obama should be reelected.

Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon. The economy is in a shambles. He has no credible plan to fix it and taxing the rich won’t even be a drop in the bucket toward fixing this nation’s ginormous fiscal problems. His grassroots reelection strategy is… wellll… just plain dumb.

President Obama is about to prove that, indeed, you can fool all of the people all of the time.

Heck, Romney/Ryan might not even win Paul Ryan’s home state.

The U.S. Senate

The biggest disappointment for Republicans tomorrow won’t be losing the White House, that was a long-shot anyway;  it will be losing the Senate.

Republicans made a valiant effort to win the presidency, but it is just to hard to overcome a liberal press blitzkrieg and they had to come from to far behind.

But Republicans had a perfect opportunity to win back the U.S. Senate and get rid of Harry Reid. There are 21 Democratic seats up for grabs compared to only 10 Republican seats.

But it looks like Democrats will dodge a bullet to retain their current 53 to 47 edge.

Republicans made the blunder of putting to many eggs into the presidential basket and not enough into the Senate one. Todd Aikin stubbornly stayed in the race in Missouri when any reasonable person would have dropped out for the good of their party. That hurt all Republican candidates.

When Republicans wake up with a hangover on Wednesday they will kick themselves for this mistake.

The U. S. House of Representatives

Republicans are firmly in command of the House and will remain so.

Democrats might pick up a couple seats here and there, but not enough to be noticeable.


Come Wednesday, Americans will wake up shocked to realize everything will remain exactly the same as before for another four years.

There will still be 23 million unemployed or under employed Americans desperate to find work.

President Obama still won’t have an economic recovery plan.

The fiscal cliff will still be there… looming… only closer than before. It threatens to bring another recession with it the first quarter of 2013.

We will still face trillion dollar yearly deficits that are impossible to close. The national debt is up to $16.2 trillion and we will face another debt crisis around the time the next session of Congress convenes in January.

Come Wednesday, the rudest discovery of all will be that we still have the same ideological gridlock we have today and most of the same players in the same places.

How can we be so stupid?


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  1. I argued in a previous blog post that Romney has a better chance of constructively working with the other side than Obama. I also argued today that With Ryan’s home state – an outcome I think is more doable for Romney than Ohio – the Republicans will win the presidency. But it’s by no means the only scenario.

    • I agree with you that Romney is a far better choice for president and that he could bridge the ideological gap between the parties. I just think he won’t get the chance.

  2. I’m praying you are wrong, AZ.

    • Me, too… but I have a pretty good spider-sense about these things… I’ve changed my mind a couple times on the presidential race, but the Sandy thing gives Obama just the tiny little edge need to take people’s minds off the economy. 😦

  3. I think your prediction is spot on. Did you see that at the end of October, Jimmy Carter took back his endorsement of Obama and switched to Romney? The MSM plays it out as if Carter is now too old to say anything intelligent. I think plenty of voters will vote Obama Tuesday because they want split government not because they love this President. I know people who are doing so for Supreme Court reasons, so the Court is more balanced as the next President probably gets one to three picks. Finally second terms of every President in my lifetime have been disasters, so prepare for another one, it is in the cards. The real turds are still to rise in the toilet bowl, my mother would occasionally say.

  4. I read in the Financial Times that the G20 views the U.S. fiscal cliff as the greatest threat to the world economy in the short term and they believe Romney would be better suited to overcome political gridlock to resolve it than Obama.

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