Find Secret Military Bases: Syrian WMDs

Its not idle chatter. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad might turn deadly Sarin gas against his own people.  It is an odorless nerve agent that kills in minutes.

Assad controls a veritable cornucopia of many different chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to chose from… Sarin, Mustard, VX gas and others. The media reports intelligence sources say he chose Sarin this time.

Though he denies he will use WMDs against his own people, there is ample evidence that Assad can and is preparing to do so. Desperation may push him over the edge this time.

Assad has never been more desperate than he is right now. Rebels are closing in on Damascus. Assad has already prepared for and threatened to use WMDs before. He is again, this time.

What is Assad’s capability? Where is it located? Can Assad be stopped from using WMDs?

Sarin Gas Kills

Within a minute of exposure, people experience a runny nose, tightness in the chest, and pupils constrict. After several minutes, they begin having difficulty breathing, become nauseated, and start to drool. Next they lose control of their bodily functions.

Then they begin twitching and suffocate in a series of convulsive spasms.

It is a horrible way to die. Though invented in Germany in WWII, Nazis chose not to use it.

Syria never signed the international treaty banning the use of chemical weapons and are not bound by it. They have one of the largest stockpiles in the world.

Syrian WMD Capability

Al Safir WMD Plant

Qattinah WMD Plant

American intelligence sources are not exaggerating. Syria has deadly chemical WMD capability and can delivery it within its own borders and to nearby neighbors, including Israel, by using their own existing SAM and SCUD missiles, and aircraft or by other means.

Assad’s two main chemical weapons plants are located in Al Safir and Qattinah. They are massive facilities and have been in place producing chemical WMDs for many years.

Syria’s fledgling attempt to develop nuclear weapons, with help from North Korea, were thwarted when Israel destroyed their only nuclear weapons plant in an airstrike during Operation Orchard on September 1, 2007. That leaves Assad only chemical WMDs.

Delivery Systems

There are many ways to deliver chemical weapon WMDs when you have them. For short distances, Syria has all of them.

Syria has these delivery capabilities spread all over the country on this very day:

Two Syrian SCUDs are seen here

Syria has many capable aircraft at airforce bases

Mobile SCUDs seen here

WMD capable artillery in Syria is seen here

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Through his own self-interest, Syria’s Assad is capable of causing great local and great global disruption.

That is both Assad’s personal problem and our international one.


You may be wondering, how do ordinary Americans know certain specifics, like where are Syrian SCUD mobile missiles or where are WMD aircraft locations and such things? That is the easy part. For me and for intelligence services all that is needed is… persistence… and paying attention.

I use Google Earth. That’s all. Ask and I will tell all. I can teach you. Knowledge is power.

Paying attention teaches that we need to be ever vigilant. We need to pay attention to the whole world if we are to survive in it. Assad threatens our survival.

For us, we cannot allow this dictatorial madman to have his way, like middle eastern dictator Saddam Hussein did for so long.

Assad can, and will, have his way if free people say nothing. The world will then suffer.

At this instant in time we cannot prevent Assad from exterminating his own people. If intent, he will succeed.

The real question is, will the world prevent it next time?


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