Doha: Dumbed Down Climate Crisis

We read it every day. The world is in grave danger… droughts, sea level rise, catastrophic weather, Superstorm Sandy! If we fail to act now, human-caused global warming will destroy the Earth.

The Daily Beast reports today that even pasta, a staple food the world over, is in danger of extinction due to climate change. GASP!

But the UN is watching out for us. They just concluded a 2-week global climate conference over the weekend – Doha 2012 (COP18) – to fix things. It expected 77,000 attendees.

Unfortunately, Doha didn’t fix nuthin’! It is an example of yet another sideswipe between good intentions and grossly incompetent world governments.

What were Doha 2012 goals?

The main issues at Doha 2012 were:

  • What to do about the Kyoto Protocol
  • Where, when and from whom to collect a promised $100 billion yearly climate fund

Doha went like the previous 17 world COP (Conference of the Parties) before it. They argued for two weeks and then, in a marathon last day, came out with bungled pronouncements.

Among other important(?), concrete global warming decisions made at Doha 2012 was one noble, yet unrelated, one to promote gender equality.

The Kyoto Protocol

The UN must be taking lessons from the United States Congress.

Kyoto became law in 1997. That was 15 years ago. It was scheduled to expire the end of this year… 22 days from now. (Sound familiar?)

Originally, another stronger agreement to replace Kyoto was to be hammered out by competent delegates by the time Kyoto expired. So, what happened? Doha did what the U.S. Congress does best at the last minute, kicked the can down the road! They extended the Kyoto agreement, as is, until 2020.

In the meantime, global CO2 emissions have risen 58% since 1997 and are showing no signs of slowing, except in the United States and Europe.

Kyoto hardly matters anyway. Its mandatory limits on CO2 emissions have been postponed a couple times already. None have actually went into effect yet. And when they do, that will apply to only 15% of all CO2 emitters. The world’s largest polluters are exempt from a toothless Kyoto.

The $100 Billion Bonanza

This was the hottest topic of discussion at Doha. The poorer developing nations, who can’t afford to fight climate change on their own, are licking their chops over divvying up a promised yearly $100 billion godsend.

The developed nations, who’ve caused all this global warming to start with, are required to provide that money every year, indefinitely. How much each developed country commits to by 2020 was at issue in Doha.

Thus… China, India and Brazil went up against Bulgaria, Tonga and Pakistan vying for those precious yet-to-come climate fighting dollars!!

Hey, wait a darn minute… you may be quizzically thinking…
Isn’t China the world’s 2nd largest economy and the runaway largest polluter? Isn’t India the world’s 9th largest economy and 3rd largest polluter? Isn’t Brazil the worlds 7th largest economy and 17th largest polluter? Yup, you’d be right about that!

Why aren’t those countries contributing to the fund instead of taking from it?

Silly you! In its infinite wisdom… the UN has designated China, India and Brazil as “developing” countries! “Developing” countries draw from the fund, not contribute to it.

You might also be wonder…
If not them, then who must contribute to this $100 billion bonanza?

Wellll… you got the United States, of course. Then you got Spain, Italy and… yes… even Greece! Their economies may be in a toilet bowl universe compared to China and the others but the UN has designated them “developed” countries. Those countries are on the hook for the dollars. They can’t draw from it.

At Doha 2012, who actually pays into the $100 billion fund and how much was put off yet another year. Sound familiar? (Think U.S. Congress)


According to the New York Times, Doha delegates agreed “to commit to more ambitious — but unspecified — actions to reduce emissions of climate-altering gases.”

As far as a new agreement to replace Kyoto, the NYT says Doha “did not produce even the barest outline of what that new agreement would look like, leaving those questions for future meetings.”

Translation… Doha couldn’t decide what to do or who will pay for it.

Normally, at this point, insightful quotes from official Doha 2012 documents would be quoted instead of the New York Times. But none can be found in the official gibberish found here:
Decisions adopted by COP 18 and CMP 8” – Doha 2012 Convention, December 2012

There you have it. The UN in action!! Do you feel better about solving global warming now?


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  1. Thank God that they are totally incompetent.

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