Find Secret Bases: Syrian Civil War

Near the capitol of Damascus, the New York Times today reports that Syria, for the first time, has used SCUD missiles against it’s own people.

What, exactly, are the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities that President Bashar al-Assad can use in Syria’s horrific civil war conflict?

Around Damascus and Beyond

Star configured SAM missile site “protecting” the Al-Safir chemical weapons plant

Syria has one of the most sophisticated missile defense systems of any country in the world.

Damascus is ringed with protective missile sites. Unfortunately, those missiles can be directed within Syria as easily as they can be for defense. That is the problem.

Most of Syria’s Damascus defensive missile sites, at least 5 this author knows of, are star configured SAM sites. That isn’t to say SCUDs couldn’t be fired from them. They could. However, SCUDs are longer range missiles unnecessary for short-range civil war.

SCUD missiles, intended for external enemies like Israel, can and maybe already are being fired by Assad from anywhere within the country against his own people.

Syria has far more missile batteries than just those around Damascus.

Syrian SCUD Weapons

Syria usually buries its WMDs within hills. It has at least two major SCUD missile factories buried inside mountains. One is near Damascus and the other near Hamah.

Syria appears to be thumbing its nose at Israel with two signs – in English – mostly visible to spy satellites near the Hamah SCUD factory.

Syria’s nuclear capability, hidden in the western part of the country, were taken out by an Israeli airstrike in 2007.

Today, Syria relies exclusively on chemical weapons.

Its two biggest chemical weapons factories are in Al Safir and Qattinah north of Damascus.

Syria may be the world’s largest chemical weapons producer.

Al Safir Chemical Weapons Plant

Part of Qattinah Chemical Weapons Plant


President Bashar al-Assad has plenty of weapons and the means to deliver them against rebels in different ways. One way is with SCUDs. There are others.

The question for the rest of the world is how many of them it is prepared to allow?


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