2012 Reviewed in Numbers

London’s Financial Times came out with their favorite numbers for 2012. Yup, that’s right, the FT kept tabs on the best stats of the year and put them into one great big picture.

I’ll bet rattling off their favorites makes those wacky, care-free, live-and-let-live economists at the Financial Times the life of every New Year’s Eve party! Ply them with liquor and they’re sure to take off their spreadsheets right in front of you! They use calculators as pasties.

Burj Kahifa

Here is 2012 in review through their numerical eyes…

A Greek citizen’s share of government debt is €30,661 ($40,427 U.S.). Greece, of course, is an economic basket case. The FT didn’t mention that every American owes $52,135 for their share of U.S. government debt.

The FT says the American elections cost $50/vote, for a grand total of $5.8 billion. The NRA made $1,061,710 in campaign contributions.

Hillary Clinton racked up 261,042 travel miles in 2012. No wonder she’s sick!

Facebook lost $63bn in market value in 2012. ‘Nuff said!

The FT proudly bragged up the height of Western Europe’s tallest skyscraper, London’s “Shard”. It is 1,016ft high.

Should we tell them Dubai’s Burj Kahifa is 2,722ft tall?

The lifespan of a Higgs Boson is 1 zeptosecond. Isn’t that also the time it takes for Groucho to face slap Zeppo?

An Austrian skydiver jumped from 24 miles up and plummeted to Earth at 834mph…
and didn’t splat!

The Curiosity rover flew 352 million miles to Mars. Since landing it has traveled 0.42 miles…
the jet lag must be heck!

Spain could have a rough year. They have €123.5bn in bonds they gotta unload in 2013. In 2012, European central banks bought ZERO Euros worth of bonds.

57,449 Mexicans have been killed in Mexico’s drug wars in the past 6 years. That tragically goes along with a new estimate out today that 60,000 have been killed in Syria’s Arab Spring civil war.

Hewlett-Packard bought Autonomy, a UK company, for $11bn in 2011. H-P took a $8.8bn loss on it in 2012. Whoops!

Edvard Munch’s The Scream sold at Sotheby’s for $25,743.94 per square centimeter – $119,922,500 total. It was the 94¢ that broke the bank!

There were 47.57 million downloads of Barbadian singer Rihanna’s music. 1,228,313 were illegal downloads of her Talk the Talk album. Somebody’s mouse-clicking finger got sore on that deal.

Who the heck is Rihanna?


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