Make Krugman Secretary of Treasury?

Paul Krugman

There is a move afoot to nominate Paul Krugman as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury after Tim Geithner does the United States a great service by leaving after President Obama’s first term.

First off, Paul Krugman is an economics genius of the first order of magnitude. He did not get the 2008 Nobel Prize for nothing.

However, that alone does not qualify him to be Secretary.
Steve Chu as Secretary of Energy proves that.

Krugman himself is the first to admit that he would not make a good administrator.

Paul Krugman – The Teacher

Paul Krugman is professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton.

For decades, Paul Krugman has taught ordinary Americans about economics through New York Times Op-Ed editorials and his long-time column “Conscious of a liberal“.

This author is a devoted follower of both.


Many, myself included, have learned much about economics from Paul Krugman. For that I am eternally grateful.

But does that mean that Paul Krugman would make a good choice for Secretary of the Treasury as suggested by England’s Guardian? No!

Americans know what is best for Americans more so than outsiders, including England’s Guardian, will ever know.


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  1. The author underestimates The Guardian. It’s worldwide readership is apparently unbeknownst to the author. The entire globe watches and reads about U.S. politics and elections. If you didn’t notice, the U.S. has such ‘trend-setting’ value to culture and other nation leaders. Do you suppose all the racket going on with the politics here, are being taken on and adapted by other countries? No wonder voters abroad follow U.S. news and wonder how they will cope.

    • I often read The Guardian. I hope I have an appreciation of its world-wide readership. I may not understand it as much as others, but I do read it and respect what it says.

      I do, however, think as a U.S. citizen that I understand U.S. politics better than any outsider ever could. I hope you will respect that. 🙂

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