Negotiating Benghazi

Benghazi is the coverup story that refuses to go away.

In an amazing three-way power play, the New York Times blandly reports that the Administration has chosen the despicable tactic of releasing information about Benghazi in exchange for political support for helping to keep secret its drone killing policy and for support of John Brennan’s confirmation as CIA Director.

Full disclosure of all relevant information on the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stephens should have been released months ago. Such data cannot and should not ever be used as a political negotiating tool. Yet, here it is!

Where is the outrage?

Led by the New York Times, a duplicitous national media has yet again failed us.

The Media’s Failure

Its been over 5 months since Ambassador Stephens and three other Americans were killed in coordinated 7-hour terrorist invasions at two Benghazi locations on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Yet nagging, fundamental, poorly answered questions yet remain…
What command orders were given, when and why? Why was Ambassador Rice ill-informed? Who knew what and when? Why did the Administration insist it was a spontaneous demonstration over a video for nearly two weeks after the fact? Why the long response delay when military attack aircraft were only 20 minutes flight time away?

According to the New York Times, the Administration wants to keep secret from Democrats its use of drones for killing people, and also wants Republican support for Brennan’s nomination. It hopes to kill two birds with one stone by dribbling out a few more tidbits about Benghazi.

The NYT reports it like it is just a normal negotiating tactic. It isn’t.


Speaking of the news media, Malcolm X said:

They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

The Administration washed its hands of Benghazi after Hillary Clinton took one for the team by taking “full responsibility”. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Everyone knows the outgoing, popular Clinton would never really be blamed for Benghazi. Heck, she is the Democratic front runner for President in 2016! Afterward, the news media just quit digging.

The American public could accept it if the Administration admitted it simply screwed up then rolled some heads and took corrective actions. Instead, it stonewalled.

Now the Administration is using Benghazi in a deplorable attempt to score political victories with the full support of the New York Times.

When the news media placidly ignores Administration wrongdoing instead of using their power in the search for truth wherever it might lead, then freedom of the press is at risk.

And a dead U.S. Ambassador gets no justice.


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  1. And Nixon was run out of office for covering up a burglery. Geeez!

  2. In 40 years since Nixon, things have only got worse. 😦

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