Climate Change and Home Energy Use

Most federal government agencies are either confusing, frustrating, incompetent, useless or political tools of an Administration…
but not all.

One that isn’t is the little-known U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). It’s tucked so deep within the mammoth of over-sized government that it gets away with being concise, useful and honest.

The EIA publishes and distributes mountains of easy-to-understand information about U.S. energy production and consumption that is germane to the current climate and green energy debates.

Today’s daily email update from the EIA reveals something quite remarkable about household energy use.

For every unit of electricity consumed in your home, it takes 3 times more energy production for electricity providers to support it!

In other words… households account for a lot more energy than shows up on their electric bills.

Steep blue line at right shows how much more home electricity use drives up national energy use

Home Electricity and Carbon Footprints

AGW (global warming) alarmists constantly warn us ordinary folks about our “carbon footprint”. It MUST be reduced in order to save the planet, they say.

It would be nice to know what our carbon footprint is, how it is created and how it relates to the current raging debates so that we can make informed decisions ourselves about our own energy usage.

Save yourself the pain and agony of sifting through error-filled, alarmist propaganda and just let the EIA teach you practical considerations that save the planet without ruining your lifestyle.

The EIA provided that kind of information today.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of gaseous CO2 that gets released into the atmosphere as a direct result of your energy consumption. Its a simple concept.

You don’t have to reduce your energy consumption to reduce your carbon footprint. Energy starvation or high cost energy isn’t needed.

Today’s EIA daily update contains an easy secret: change your electricity!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Really Trying

Those evil energy barons are already helping you do that; not the government!

Driven by free-market economics, we’ve entered the golden age of natural gas. Electric energy producers are fast migrating from CO2-belching coal-fired electric plants to natural gas ones. It’s cheaper! Government’s regulatory nudge from coal has had nothing to do with it.

Natural gas, by far, is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Its far cleaner than coal or the dirty biofuel additives required by the government that drive up the price of gasoline.

If your electricity provider has switched from coal to gas then you’ve already significantly reduced your carbon footprint by as much as 30% and didn’t even know it!

But wait… there’s more!

Today’s EIA graph shows there is more we can do. The secret, if you can, is to change to natural gas-powered appliances and heating. That works whether your electric company is already using natural gas or not!

Raising the brown curve on the right just a tad by switching to gas will lower your carbon footprint a lot.

Every unit of energy you save by switching from electricity to in-home natural gas saves three times that amount of energy in production costs by your electricity provider. It reduces your electric carbon footprint by an amazing 75%.

And guess what? Nothing much changes except that your home energy costs are lowered!


Changes in household electricity are reducing this nation’s CO2 emissions. Its reducing your carbon footprint, no thanks to government and AGW alarmists.

The U.S. never signed the UN’s international Kyoto Protocol that legally requires nations to reduce their CO2 emissions to 1990 levels; yet it’s the only country that will achieve it any time soon!

U.S. CO2 emissions are down around 5%; primarily because of the switch from coal to gas-powered electric plants. The downturn in the economy contributed some.

You can learn a lot from a little place like the EIA.

Smart personal energy policy will achieve more than all the costly, misdirected government efforts combined.


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