About Canceling White House Tours

6th Graders Denied Tour

The Obama Administration is closing the White House to public tours starting on Saturday, March 9th due to sequestration spending reductions.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney lamented the decision today, calling it “extremely unfortunate”.

Carney should have called it what it is… a cheap ploy punishing innocent children in order to score political points.

Both Carney and the President should be ashamed.

Cheating Children and Presidential Planes

Sixth graders from St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Waverly, Iowa are flying to Washington DC a week from tomorrow. They got told the highlight of their trip, a White House tour, just got canceled.

They are so disappointed they launched a Facebook campaign to get their tour back.

One parent said:

We’d just like the people’s house to stay open so that not just our group but groups all across the country can come and visit the White House
– Karen Thalacker, the mother of 12-year-old student Malcom Newell

There is only $42 billion in actual reductions in spending out of a $3.55 trillion budget this year (1.2%), yet not enough to squeeze in White House tours?

Oh really, Mr President?? Consider this…

ABC news did an investigation and found that White House tours cost $18,000/week; mostly for Secret Service agents needed to stand guard.

Air Force One costs $180,000/hr to fly.

February 17th, on the taxpayer dime, President Obama jetted off to Palm City, Florida for a golfing junket with Tiger Woods. President Obama again used Air Force One to make a showy taxpayer funded trip to Newport News, Virginia to a defense plant to complain about sequestration cuts.

Palm City is 4 hours round trip flight time. Newport News is about 1 hour flight time. They cost $900,000. White House tours could have been funded for nearly a full year on just those two flights alone. And that doesn’t cover the extra expense of ground support for a traveling President.

Angered, U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas brought up an amendment to the budget bill on Tuesday that would deny President Obama from using tax dollars to go on golf outings until he reopens the White House to tourists.

According to a CBS report, during his first term President Obama took 836 flights on Air Force One. The President of the United States should travel a lot. He is the leader of the free world… but 4 flights every WEEK! Come on!!

Mr. President, if you really care, cut back slightly on your weekly flight schedule and let the kids from St. Paul’s Lutheran School see the White House.


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  1. povertyspeaks

    Great Post! Miss ya, we need to catch up soon!


    • Thanks…we should get caught up…

      I really dislike politicians grandstanding at the expense of little kids because they are whining like babies over cutting back on spending a couple pennies on the dollar.

      And it isn’t even a cut! Its just a reduction in the amount that spending is increased!!

      The President is trying to turn it into an apocalypse. That guy needs to live in the real world sometime.

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