North Polar Cap Continues Melting?

Daniel Wall is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Iḷisaġvik College in Barrow, Alaska. He’s one of those irreverent, gifted, off-the-wall communicators who students often call their favorite teacher.

Wall is also a purveyor of all things Alaskan. He reports today about a highly unusual event for this time of year…
Wall discovered he could see open water. He has video!

It was so warm, he says, that he didn’t even have to wear gloves.

Barrow is North America’s northernmost city. It’s on the now-balmy shores of the Arctic Ocean!

Is this the harbinger of yet another record-breaking heat wave like the one that the mainstream media said nearly melted the north polar ice cap last summer?

If Wall’s news gets out, that will be the headline on CNN and all the mainstream press.

They, of course, won’t tell the whole story.

Is the North Pole Melting?

Yes… and no… and yes.

Not totally but, yes, it melts every year in summer; then it refreezes again every winter.  Some summers have more melting than others; some winters have more freezing.

Last summer had more melting than usual. A rare summertime storm lingered near the north pole and broke up the pack ice more than normal. That exposed more open water that absorbs more heat which, in turn, caused a near-record pack ice melt.

The mainstream media went crazy, of course, blaming it all on global warming. Climate disasters draw attention and geopolitical intrigue.

Then an amazing turnaround happened.

This winter’s 2012-2013 pack ice refreeze smashed the previous record for the most wintertime growth in a single season! Records go back 30 years in the satellite era.

(Click the two small images for larger views)

The lamestream media, of course, totally ignored that. It doesn’t fit the global warming narrative.

There is more to the arctic ice story.

A European study published in the Geophysical Research Letters on 2/28/2013 supplies real satellite measurements supporting a climate model that says there is only 1/5th as much arctic pack ice as existed in 1980.

That is one hummer of an ice cube melt!

NOAA attributes at least part of the meltdown to a phenomena dubbed the “arctic oscillation“. It caused winter temperatures to be much higher in the early 1990s. Everything isn’t always caused by global warming.

Alaska was cold in 2012!

Alaska temperatures were well below normal in 2012 (Source: Alaska Climate Research Center)

Alaska’s average temperature for 2012 was -2.9ºF BELOW normal. That’s cold! It’s another northerly climate factoid overlooked by the mainstream media.

The info comes from NOAA’s Alaska Climate Research Center and based on “20 first order climatological stations”. Stations ranged from -5ºF below normal at two stations up to one lonely station above normal. Barrow, Alaska was +1ºF above normal.


A lot of weather happened in Alaska and the arctic in one year. There was a near-record pack ice melt last summer; followed by a record-breaking pack ice freeze this winter. The whole state of Alaska averaged -2.9ºF below average, yet a new study found serious long-term melting of the north polar cap! Barrow was a nearby “hot” spot.

Will there be another record pack ice melt this summer?

As if on cue, in steps Professor Daniel Wall with his videos showing open water in the Arctic Ocean.

So, how warm was it?… It was so warm Wall didn’t need gloves!

Immediately, I checked the temperature in Barrow. It was -17ºF, but with the wind chill “it feels like -40ºF”.

“They are a hearty bunch up there in Barrow!!”, I thought.

In all fairness, I checked previous days and did find that after a low of -15ºF on March 11th it did get all the way up to +12ºF in the heat of the day. That is 14 degrees above Barrow’s average daily high of -8ºF.

Heck, if that keeps up Dan Wall will be out sunning himself on the frozen beach wearing Bermuda shorts and sandals before long!


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