No Approval for Keystone XL

Conventional wisdom whispers that President Obama will finally approve the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

After re-routing, the last legal hurdle was cleared months ago. Every affected local jurisdiction has given their approval. The only folks standing in the way now are well-intentioned, but extreme environmentalists.

All it needs now is a nod from President Obama. That nod will never come.

Tide Turns for Keystone XL

Reflecting current thinking, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently outlined why he believes that the Keystone XL pipeline should be approved:
The Case for Keystone” – Fareed Zakaria GPS-The Global Public Square, CNN, 3/10/2013
Build that Pipeline!” – Fareed Zakaria, Time Magazine, 3/7/2013

Zakaria is as politically blue as the sky. He is the deepest thinker in national media broadcasting.

Never in a million years will Zakaria ever be mistaken for a right-wing conservative.

His well-reasoned pieces suggest that demand for oil globally is so strong that Canadian tar sands will be developed no matter if Keystone XL is built or not, and at the same pace.

In the meantime, he says, if not approved then about 1,500 more CO2-unfriendly train cars will daily transport crude oil overland across Canada to the Gulf of Mexico for refining, until alternative ways to get the oil to world markets is developed.

Train transport of crude oil for refining in the U.S. is already staggering, he says. It tripled in the U.S. in 2012, up to a stunning 233,811 carloads! Most of that went to gulf refineries from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields which tripled production in just the last two years.

Unmentioned in the Keystone XL debate is that it will also bring North Dakota’s oil to gulf refineries, too, thus further reducing dangerous CO2-emitting overland transportation.

According to Zakaria… pipelines are safer, cheaper and the most environmentally friendly ways to transport crude oil to refineries.

There are other reasons to approve Keystone XL:

  • Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
  • More affordable energy
  • Spur economic development
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Energy national security

President Obama’s Oil Opposition

The only way we’re going to break this cycle of spiking gas prices for good is to shift our cars and trucks off of oil for good
– Barack Obama, Weekly Address, 3/16/2013

President Obama’s approach to reducing dependence on foreign oil has always been misunderstood. It is to eliminate oil as an energy source altogether.

That is made clear in the “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” and the executive orders and EPA regulations coming out of it.

Oil, of course, will be eliminated. It’s non-renewable. What the President adamantly tunes out is that, no matter what, it will remain a primary energy source in the U.S. and world for at least another 50 years, probably longer. He ignores that reality check. Oil should be leveraged, not lamented.

Zakaria correctly points out that for the greater good of the country, both economically and environmentally, Keystone XL should be built.

The President’s attitude toward oil is ideological, not logical. A person turns ideological when contrary fact is stubbornly ignored.

Obama’s real opposition to oil has nothing to do with spiking gasoline prices. That’s just political talk. It has to do with Obama’s staunch belief that human CO2 emissions are modifying climate and it must be stopped before the world is irreparably damaged.

There once was compelling evidence for that belief. But the tide of scientific data has turned against it in the last 15 years. As President, he should be aware of that.


Canadian tar sands are being developed. Even now part of it has a pathway to Midwest and Gulf of Mexico refineries.

Keystone XL is an expansion of what is already in place.

It isn’t just for Canadian tar sands, either. It would also carry North Dakota Bakken oil to market. Obama even approved the Cushing Marketlink section south into Texas.

President Obama is ideologically driven. Usually, that is a good thing in a president. It’s the stuff of great leaders and statesmanship in times of dire need.

However, the bitter political divisions in this nation over the last 4+ years were created by the President of the United States. Obama divides rather than unites. His ideology often swamps his ability to lead, to compromise and to make logical decisions for the betterment of the country.

Obama will take an ideological global warming stand. Keystone XL will not be approved.


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  1. I don’t suppose that Obama’s friend, Warren Buffet, who owns the rairoads that would haul the oil, has anything to do with the decision. Our president wouldn’t be so crass.

  2. The dems hate the oil industry and the auto industries. Now God has rained on their parade with the tar sands and fracked natural gas. I am not saying rape the planet, but God gives us plenty of tools and materials to work with. Just wish more would use the rational part of the brain.

    • There are environmental reasons for concern, but they can be overcome and common sense dictates you use the only energy sources that can meet demand while developing new future ones to later take over when they are ready.

      Many folks, including the President, have not yet figured out that fossil fuels are our future for a very long time to come no matter how much money is sunk into renewables.

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