Ph.D Thesis on Gay Marriage

Should same sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples?
Ans: Yes

Should same sex couples have all the property and legal contractual rights defined under the U.S. Constitution for heterosexual couples?
Ans: Yes

Should same sex couples have the same tax breaks as heterosexual couples?
Ans: Yes

Should same sex couples be singled out for special rights and protections?
Ans: No

Is marriage within the province of religion or government?
Ans: Religion

Should government define marriage?
Ans: No… it should define couples-based contract law independent of religion or gender

‘Nuff said!


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  1. Well said, AZ. That is a rational and reasonable way to deal with this issue.

  2. I can guarantee that Church marriage will be demanded under equality laws. Any church that resists will be prosecuted. Except of course Islam.

    That is the real issue here, the destruction of religions that are inimical to the equality juggernaut. Except of course Islam.

    In my opinion for what it is worth the gays are not seeking equality but advantage. The advantage that comes with the degradation of the family unit and organised religion.

    Oh, let me just say that I am an atheist. I am unable to believe in God but I see the societal benefits that both organised religion and the family unit bring.

    • Perhaps I did not make my point clearly…

      My point is that government should keep its nose out of religion and marriage all together.

      There are two distinct parts to a marriage ceremony:
      Part #1:
      According to the church, you are married when a religious authority gives their blessing to the union by saying something like, “I now pronounce you man and wife!”

      Part #2:
      The State recognizes a legal union when a marriage certificate is signed and filed with a county clerk. The state certificate is a legal contract defining property and other rights. It’s the basis of all legal actions involving the couple.

      That is not the marriage… the marriage is when the church blesses the union. They are two distinctly different things.

      We should apply that pesky little concept called ‘separation of church and state’ in this instance.

      In your case, you can ignore the religious part and be just as well off.

      • I totally agree, and you made your point well.

        My point was that there is no way the church and state will stay separated. The equality objectives of the progressives will not allow it in this instance. The intention is to remove from organised religion the ability to hold values and objectives which are different from those of the state.

        You stopped at what is right, I merely progressed to what will be if the state is allowed to sanction equality.

      • Fair enough. Your point noted and as likely as anything. Governments never want to be usurped.

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