No Keystone XL Under Obama

Most of the hoopla generated from President Obama’s Georgetown climate change speech yesterday was talk about approval of the Keystone XL Project.

Some speculate the President approved Keystone XL; others say he did not. Which is true?

What did the President actually say?

In his Georgetown address President Obama said this…

Keystone XL would be built “only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution”
– Barack Obama, Georgetown Climate Speech, 6/25/2013

What does that mean?

The key is the tiny little 3-letter word “not”.

The standard for judgement of Keystone XL is exactly the opposite of the standard applied to most all other things in America. Even criminals are afforded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a preponderances of the evidence.  That is the American way.

But not Keystone XL. The President assumes it is a carbon criminal until somebody proves it is not. The President gives final project approval.

Who is going to prove XL isn’t a carbon polluter? The EPA? The State Department? Its builder, TransCanada? Surely you jest! They all have biased interests.

Another thing… what does “exacerbate” mean? What criteria will be used to make that determination? Will somebody set an upper limit to the number of tons of CO2 Keystone XL is yearly allowed to dump into the atmosphere? Will the number included the burning of the petroleum after it gets to market? How will that number be calculated for Keystone XL before it is built?

These are new, open-ended questions that will take more time to answer. The clock is ticking.


His intent is clear. President Obama will fight approval of Keystone XL to his last dying political breath. Delay upon delay will be piled on.

Lost in all this is that Keystone XL isn’t just for moving Canadian tar sand oil to Gulf of Mexico refineries. It will also move North Dakota oil.

North Dakota’s Bakken oil development is one of the few bright spots in a dismal national economy. Its more eco-friendly oil is being pumped right now and more is on the way. The world needs energy.

Without a pipeline Bakken oil gets to market by other means… primarily by train.

Above ground tanker trains not only release more CO2 directly into the atmosphere than do underground pipelines, but are at far greater risk of an ecological disaster.

Keystone XL not only makes sense economically for creating American jobs, but it also makes sense environmentally. Approving Keystone XL is a no-brainer.

President Obama is driven by ideology, not reality. He sees himself being remembered as the man who saved the planet from the ravages of global warming. He is more concerned for his legacy than anything else.

For that reason, Keystone XL will never be approved under this Administration.


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