When Ideologies Collide

A small but tragic event happened in Scotland last week. On June 27th 2013, The Herald Scotland out of Edinburgh reports, “Rare migratory bird dies after flying into wind turbine“.

London’s Daily Mail reported that species was not seen in England in 22 years.

Birdwatchers had… welll… flocked to the Isle of Harris to witness a rare white-throated needletail. Instead, stunned ornothologists videoed the aftermath of its untimely demise. They caught its killer red handed on tape.

This story would have made global headlines and triggered international outrage if that single bird had struck an oil rig instead of a wind turbine.

Why? Because that is what happens when ideologies collide.

Wind Turbines vs. Oil Rigs

Wind power is the darling of the environmental movement.

It is a zero-carbon emission energy source. It has come out of nowhere to produce nearly 4% of all U.S. electricity.

Wind farms are popping up faster than weeds in Spring.

Oil rigs, on the other hand, are the hated symbol of dirty, nonrenewable fossil fuels.

Oil and natural gas rigs epitomize ravaging the planet with Earth-destroying global warming. They are being forced on humanity by corrupt, greedy big oil corporate interests whose only purpose is to chase the almighty dollar at any cost to society.

At least, that is how hard-core global warming proponents see it.

The Rare Bird Dilemma

A well-worn mantra of the global warming movement is that fossil fuel driven climate change is destroying animal species right and left. We must save polar bears from extinction! Make no never-mind that polar bear population growth is now their greatest threat.

But in the Edinburgh story the opposite happened. Environmentally friendly wind power killed the only known example of an animal species rare to Europe.

That doesn’t fit the global warming narrative.


A rare bird species is struck and killed by a spinning wind turbine.

It is an unusual event, for sure, but should be dismissed as the freak accident that it was.
Ask any environmentalist. They will agree.

But if that bird were killed by an oil rig it would not have been dismissed as accidental. Media reports would described it as the direct result of bad ecological decisions.

The story would be repeated in the environmental section of every major newspaper. The 37-second video clip above would get played over and over again on every TV news network. Deeply troubled discussion panels lament it as yet another tragic example of environmental insanity gone wild in the universal struggle against global warming.

The story of climate change has never been accurately reported by the mainstream media. Contrived disasters always make better copy than factual accuracy.

Remember the white-throated needletail the next time you see out-of-context examples used to sensationalize human-caused global warming claims.


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