Obama Spearheads New Economy!

I was greeted this morning with this headline in the New York Times:
Obama Focuses on Economy, Vowing to Help Middle Class

My 1st thought… “Its about time!”

My 2nd thought… “Do I believe it? No.”

Why? Because the story came out of another formula-based, toothless speech President Obama gave yesterday:
Remarks by the President on the Economy — Knox College, Galesburg, Il
– President Obama, Official White House Transcript, 7/24/2013

The extraordinarily long hour and seven minute paper mâché marathon was more akin for a State of the Union Address than for a small college audience.

Formula-Based Speeches

Once again President Obama used a predictable format:

  • Fly somewhere in Air Force One costing taxpayers $180,000/hr
  • Surround himself with a carefully selected ethnic and economically mixed background audience
  • Throw in some American flags and locally identifiable artifacts
  • Start by making pithy insider remarks or jokes to woe the locals
  • Speak on what has become almost random topics

Last week, the topic was Obamacare. Yesterday, the topic was the economy. Tomorrow, it will be something else.

It sometimes appears topics are selected to deflect attention away from other uncomfortable topics… like the IRS targeting scandal, AP phone scandal, Keystone XL, low approval ratings, Benghazi and… welll… yes… the economy!!

Obama on the Economy

Job creation is America’s #1 priority. It has been since 2008.

There wasn’t a single new substantive proposal in his latest speech. It rehashed old ones, repackaging them as middle class betterment. It was peppered with overused applause lines.

The New York Times said it “offered revived elements of his largely stalled economic program”.

The President didn’t once reach out to bring opposing political parties together. In fact, once again, he stoked that fire.

Honest to goodness, Obama’s first highlighted economic proposal was to connect students to high-speed internet! Huh? The average American home in the United States has a connection speed of 18mbs. Someone needs to tell the President that is smoking fast high-speed. It’s slower than many small, less populated countries, but super fast just the same.

The majority of schools already have it much better. They have access to 50mbs super-smoking fast, world-class business internet speeds at competitive rates.

The relevant question: Is investing billions to connect the remaining remote, sparsely populated areas at those speeds the wisest, top priority investment?


For those who listened to the entire one hour and seven minute marathon (including me) it’s insulting to come up empty at the end.

House Speaker John Boehner most accurately described yesterday’s speech:

It’s a hollow shell, it’s an Easter Egg with no candy in it
– Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Oh), 7/24/2013

Down Texas way they got a sayin’ ’bout fellers the likes of Obama… “All hat and no cattle”.


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  1. “There wasn’t a single new substantive proposal in his latest speech. It rehashed old ones, repackaging them as middle class betterment. It was peppered with overused applause lines.”

    Detroiters listened to these kinds of messages from their politicians for more than fifty years. Look at where it got them.

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