Economy: Old Idea, New Packaging

Build a better bargain for the middle class
– President Obama, Jacksonville FL, 7/25/2013

President Obama has come up with this new angle to sell an old ignored idea.

How is the “better bargain” achieved? Nobody really knows for sure. He didn’t exactly say.

For the 2nd day in a row, President Obama spoke about the economy on July 25th, 2013.
This time he flew to Jacksonville, Florida for yet another campaign-style formula speech:
Remarks by the President on the Economy — Jacksonville, FL
– President Obama, Official White House Transcript, 7/25/2013

One Concrete Suggestion

President Obama made exactly one actual proposal during the 26 minute speech. It came at the 21 minute mark.

It has something to do with infrastructure investments, a so-called infrastructure bank. The speech was made at the Port of Jacksonville (Jaxport).

President Obama said to pass, already before Congress, “a bipartisan bill in the Senate to fund critical improvements in our highways and our bridges, our transit and rail systems and our ports”.

Sooo… what bill is that? Not an easy question to answer. No media source even tried.

It takes detective work, but here are the two likely possibilities:
Rebuild America Act” – Harry Reid (D-NV)
American Infrastructure Investment Fund Act” – John Rockefeller (D-WV)

The two bills share two characteristics:

  1. Both died in committee
  2. Neither are bipartisan

Democrats control the Senate. President Obama doesn’t even have much support for his ideas within his own party.

The President spent an inordinate amount of time alienating the Congress and Republicans, in particular. That is no way to manage a government, get anything done nor build consensus.


No doubt about it, President Obama gives dynamite speeches. The one on the economy in Jacksonville on July 25th, 2013 is another great example.

Thousands of words could be written about Obama’s insight, what he says can be done and what he says could be done. All of it is visionary. Much of it is based on truth.

If vision is all it takes to run a government, then Barack Obama would be among the greatest presidents ever. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Everyone walked away in Jacksonville feeling positive. But when you strip away the rhetoric and dig down into substance, President Obama comes up short.


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