The Fossil Fuel War

The EIA reports today that Wyoming dominates coal production on all federal and federally managed Indian lands.

That isn’t news. Wyoming has always dominated coal production on federal lands.

What is news is that since President Obama took office, coal production on federally controlled lands has steadily decreased by about 12%.

It isn’t a bad thing. Coal, though the cheapest form of energy, is also the dirtiest form of fossil fuel.

Coal emits about 40% of all U.S. atmospheric CO2 and has elevated levels of other harmful substances.

Most Americans favor a cleaner environment and reducing coal usage helps.

The Fossil Fuel War

However, this latest data goes beyond just a cleaner environment. It’s another indicator that the Obama Administration, despite Presidential preaching to the contrary, is waging an all out war against any and all fossil fuels.

President Obama openly claims to support natural gas in speeches. But it, too, has been severely cut back on federal lands.

The President used to call his an “All of the Above” energy policy. Obama’s 2011 “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” clearly shows it never was and he’s generally stopped calling it that.


Americans don’t realize this, but in last month’s major climate change speech President Obama announced that he’s radically altered his energy policy. Now, all policy decisions are determine by how they affect atmospheric CO2 emissions.

That requirement has never been officially imposed on total energy policy before. Its first application by the President was to imposed the new restriction on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Frustrated with the United States, TransCanada has already come up with another bigger, better pipeline plan that does not pass though the United States and handles more oil.

President Obama’s misguided goal is limited to saving the planet from global warming.


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