Surprises in Fed Fossil Fuel Production

The EIA reports today that fossil fuel production on federal lands was down again by -4% in 2012. Fossil fuel production is dramatically up everywhere else.

The data for today’s graph comes from a May 30th, 2013 EIA analysis.

The data hold some quite surprising secrets, too.

It is not as if more proof is needed to show the Obama Administration and EPA are waging all out war against the fossil fuel industry. They are. The Administration is fighting against the grain of global growth in fossil fuels. Today’s EIA graph is just an additional proof.

Idealistically, the U.S. government is doing so because of popular concerns over global warming and reasonable environmentalism.

The dirty irony in federal fossil fuel policy

Current Administration actions counteract presidential speeches that bless natural gas as a clean-burning transitional energy source into a green energy future.

Total fossil fuel production on Administration controlled federal land in 2012:

Type TBtu
Coal +8,898
Crude Oil +3,455
Natural Gas +4,376

TBtu stands for Trillions of British Thermal Units. TBtu is chosen to make apples-to-apples comparisons among the major fossil fuel types.

Last year, federal land produced far more dirty coal than anything else. It was twice that of natural gas and 2.6 times more than crude oil.

The Obama Administration, by executive order, has applied tough new CO2 restrictions onto coal-fired electric plants. Some say the standards will put the coal-fired electric plant industry out of business. Another executive order extended the restrictions to include all existing plants, not just new ones.

Natural gas, in distant 2nd place, is the only fossil fuel officially endorsed by the President.

Production reductions over the last 10 years

Type Tbtu
Coal -118
Crude Oil -485
Natural Gas -2,552

Production of fossil fuels of all types on federal land are down over the last decade.

Put into perspective, in 10-years time dirty coal production is only down by -1.3%. On the other hand, crude oil is down -12.3% and clean-burning natural gas is down a whopping -53.2%!!

Production since President Obama took office

Type Tbtu
Coal -873
Crude Oil +32
Natural Gas -1304

During the Obama presidency coal production has dropped -9%. No surprise there.

Crude oil production however, surprisingly, is up +5% despite the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

The biggest surprise here is that natural gas, the only fossil fuel that gets the Administration’s seal of approval, is down -22%! That is a very sharp drop.


The most astounding finding in these data is that natural gas production on federal land – the very cleanest of the fossil fuels – has been dramatically reduced, even under President Obama.

Especially astounding is that, just now, natural gas has witnessed its greatest discoveries in U.S. history, and it will soon turn global.

Natural gas is the great gold rush of the 21st century.  In the 6 years since 2006, shale natural gas production has risen an astonishing 1,100%!!!

It is all because of two new technologies – fracking of and horizontal drilling into shale oil formations. The federal government, apparently, has denied drilling on federal lands using these new technologies. Most of that denial has been under President Obama.

Perhaps it’s time for the federal government to wisely join the real energy revolution.


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