ECOtality: Blink Network Down!

On 8/11/2013 ECOtality, a publicly Obama-backed “stimulus” funded green company, filed with the SEC that it would immediately suspend operations. Most of its employees were let go.

That filing has vast implications for U.S. electric car owners and something called The Blink Network in particular. It sits in never-never land under a cloud of alleged fraud and mismanagement.

An unanswered question is how the SEC filing will affect The EV Project which ECOtality manages for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that funds it.

What are “The EV Project” and “The Blink Network”?

The $230 million EV project is “the largest deployment of electric vehicle charge infrastructure in history”. Its condition remains an open question. It uses ECOtality supplied Blink chargers.

The Blink Network is the realization of the EV Project. It is the largest U.S. nationwide system of electric car chargers in existence. It was developed by ECOtality and managed by it under contract to the DOE.

Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf hybrid electric car owners be especially beware!!

Most likely you charge your car with a home Blink Charger made by ECOtality. Why? You got it free at U.S. taxpayer expense through the EV Project or subsidized by your manufacturer! ECOtality’s fate affects you directly both at home and on the road.

Furthermore, in recent days, its been revealed nationwide that Blink chargers have damaging overheating problems.

The Car Charger Problem

Blink chargers don’t work right. Sometimes they burn themselves out and damage connectors to electric cars plugged into them ta boot.

Blink charger customers have known about it since 2012.

Yesterday, Environmental Leader reports that ECOtality fixed the public “Blink Network” overheating issue by reducing its power. That doubles its already slow recharging time, which effectively renders the Blink Network worthless to on-the-road car owners.

What good is it when shopping and it takes more than all night for you to recharge your car for the drive home?

Why did DOE cut off funding?

As of 8/22/2013 ECOtality had 4,047 of 15,000 DOE contracted charging stations online

The Department of Energy (DOE) did not cut off ECOtality funding because of Blink Charger defects. No.

The DOE cut off funding because ECOtality failed to meet its contract obligation. That obligation is for 15,000 charger stations online by the end of 2012. According to ECOtality’s own records, there are just 4,047 chargers online today.

ECOtality told stockholders and the SEC there were 6,500 chargers online.


The Blink Network is not offline. It is still working as long as an electric car owner has double the amount of recharge time to wait for it. Few do. That could be all night, or longer.

The fate of the nationwide Blink Network of charging stations affects each and every electric car owner no matter who you are if you need to recharge your vehicle on the road.

That time is especially long if you own a high capacity 100% battery powered luxury Tesla, like the snobbish rich “save-the-world-from-global-warming” beautiful people do.

Most down home working folk trying to do the right thing own Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. They are the ones hurt most by Obama green energy policy.


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  1. This bad news may in fact be good news for mankind because it means social insanity has finally encountered reality (truth) !

  2. Why would anyone really want to spend so much money on a coal powered vehicle? Seriously it is more of a political statement than a logical thing to do. Elon Musk is a decent guy but his Tesla biz will also fail.

    • The real issue here isn’t electric cars… its fraud, corruption and the monumental waste of taxpayer $$. That is what has happened with ECOtality.

      Another car battery charger company called Chargepoint was given a $15M ARRA grant and they have deployed 4,600 charger stations compared to only 4,047 for ECOtality that spent over $100M.

      ECOtality goes beyond just bad management. Some folks, including CED Jonathon Read, could get jail time… depending on the outcome of an SEC investigation.

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