Prediction: Obama to Attack Syria

President Obama will wage a Kosovo-style war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
– azleader, opinion, 8/26/2013

Lets make it an official prediction!

President Obama will initiate a Kosovo-style air war over Syria in response to al-Assad’s latest chemical attacks.

It will start as soon as U.S. air power is in place…. perhaps within days.

It may use cruise missiles to take out government air capability and air defenses that could be used against U.S. aircraft.

He might also take out chemical facilities.

President Obama news conference on 8/20/2012:

A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around, or being utilized
– President Barack Obama, news conference, 8/20/2012

President Obama will finally make good on his “red line” promise… with or without NATO.

The Kosovo Model

The Kosovo air campaign started under U.N. resolution 1199. U.N. support this time is unlikely because of strained relations between the U.S. and Russia, and Putin’s steadfast support for Syria. Russia has a naval base in Syria and supplies it weapons.

Russia has veto power over any U.N. resolution.

Like Kosovo, Obama will use limited precision airstrikes and a phased air campaign. Obama ordered an examination of the Kosovo air war as a model for Syria.

Like Kosovo, the President will act for humanitarian reasons.

Unlike Kosovo, Syria has sophisticated missile air defense and warplanes that will have to be taken out first.


Syria, in some cases, has used chemical weapons against its own people while killing over 100,000 civilians during Syria’s bloody two and a half year old civil war. Al-Assad has brought in foreign fighters and Hezbollah mercenaries.

Bashar al-Assad crossed Obama’s “red line”… several times.

Reuters reported yesterday that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the Pentagon has prepared options for the President, moved naval forces in the Mediterranean into place and is ready to strike… if asked by the President.

The countdown has begun!


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  1. Sadly, in my opinion, NATO in Kosovo was the first time that organization formed by the N.A.T.O “defense” treaty was used for offensive purposes. That is not a precendent I like seeing followed. All wars kill innocents. It’s deplorable, but that is the nature of war. Neither the US nor our NATO allies are threatened by Syria’s civil war. We have no allies fighting in that civil war. We will make no friends by aiding the rebels. We will only make more enemies.

    • Correct, NATO’s Kosovo intervention had nothing to do with NATO “defense”, per se.

      The Kosovo intervention was for genocide and crimes against humanity… of the same sort as going on in Syria today. Melosovic and al-Assad are cut from the same cloth.

      The only way to prevent the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction is to tolerate those who use them.

      Some things should not be tolerated under any circumstance. That is The Holocaust’s enduring legacy.

  2. “The Kosovo intervention was for genocide and crimes against humanity…”

    Are you sure about that? Some times things aren’t exactly as we are told.

    • Being told things means little to me… what backs it up has meaning…

      Kosovo is old news… Syrian use of WMDs has relevance for today…

      Video evidence of Syrian chemical weapons usage (many examples):

      Today’s Secretary of State John Kerry Syrian news conference:

      Satellite evidence:

      36°3’32.57″N, 37°20’24.88″E
      GPS coordinates of Syria’s Al Safir chemical weapons plant.
      This plant produces, stores weapons on-site in underground bunkers with scud missiles, according to satellite intelligence company Global Security. It is protected by at least one SA-2 SAM missile site.

      34°39’20.51″N, 36°37’25.06″E
      GPS coordinates of Qattinah chemical weapons plant.

      35°8’21.26″N, 36°56’25.03″E
      Bunker Hill storage facility for scuds and chemical WMDs. This is just one of dozens.

      This + evidence of earlier uses of chemical weapons by Syria’s government convinces me.

      Or perhaps all this is made up to. What is your take?

  3. My take, AZ, is that I’ve become so jaded that I trust nothing our government tells us and the CIA is more than capable of faking the use of chemical weapons and making it look like it was the Assad regime that did it. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Mr. Assad. But, would he really be so stupid as to do something that would force the US to enter the conflict? Just saying….

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