Obama Fiddles as Washington Burns

Yesterday, President Obama bestowed a coveted presidential interview with George Stephanopoulos on a special edition of ABC News ‘This Week’.

The topic this time: Syria.

‘Exclusive’ interviews are coming with ever increased frequency. Even Comedy Central gets them.

I’m less concerned about style points and more concerned about getting the policy right
-Spin Master Obama, Sunday ABC ‘This Week’ Interview, 9/15/2013

For now, Syria is a lost cause. Everyone knows it. Forget it. Stop the spin.

It became moot during Obama’s now infamous long walk.

The “getting the policy right” issues that President Obama should be working on tirelessly 24X7 are the federal budget, American jobs and the economy. He isn’t. Try solving that.

Bottom line, because of the financial crisis, creating jobs has always been presidential job #1 in the USA under this presidency. Obama hasn’t taken it seriously since his 5th month in office.

The Looming Crisis

14 days from now the Congress must approve a federal budget or a continuing resolution or the federal government will have to start shutting down.

Not only that, but less than a month from now, the debt ceiling must be raised again or the federal government will have to shut down even more AND start defaulting on its massive $16.7 trillion debt. Congress has ignored the debt ceiling crisis since last May!

Folks. This is serious!

Nobody in Washington DC is paying any attention to the real enemy facing this nation: No jobs!


Stop wasting time on Syria. It’s a lost cause.

We are distracted from keeping our eye on the ball by about the worse series of foreign policy blunders in such a short time in American history.

Heck, President Obama is more concerned about saving the planet from global warming through boondoggle green energy initiatives than saving the American worker.

Think jobs. Think the economy. Think government fiscal irresponsibility and out-of-control growing debt. Those will sink the United States into 3rd world economic obscurity faster than any homeland terrorist attacks, with or without chemical weapons or dirty bombs.

And, for crying out loud, stop blaming Republicans for everything. That old excuse is worn out and false.

Get off you politically-biased duffs Mr. President, Senators and Congressmen (Republican and Democratic alike). Buckle down to fix the problem!!!!

Stop pointing fingers. It is counterproductive.

President Obama and Democrats can play the ‘Republican card’ if they choose to and it will work. An Obama-friendly news media will fan the flames.

America’s nose-ring led voters will slurp up their misinformation like a Mayor Bloomberg 32-ounce soda.

Democrats, please, don’t do it. Our children’s future well-being depends on it.


Update: 9/16/2013

The problem is at the moment, Republicans in Congress don’t seem to be focused on how to grow the economy and build the middle class.  I say “at the moment” because I’m still hoping that a light bulb goes off here.  (Laughter)
– President Obama, Rose Garden Speech, 9/16/2013

It took less than half a day for President Obama to confirm my worst fears about playing the ‘Republican card’ as expressed earlier this morning.

And, true to its prophecy about “An Obama-friendly news media will fan the flames”…. here is the New York Times article about the speech that came out in record time:

Obama Warns Congress Not to Imperil Economy
– Jackie Calmes and Michael Shear, New York Times, 9/16/2013

With this President, we are politically polarized and economically stilted! Until he leaves office, political gridlock is guaranteed.


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  1. “America’s nose-ring led voters will slurp up their misinformation like a Mayor Bloomberg 32-ounce soda.”

    This is what I was talking about today. The people are treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed fertilizer. 🙂

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