What Shutdown?? EIA Wasn’t Told!!!

Somebody forgot to tell the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) that the federal government is shutdown. Its been shutdown for a week.

Naively, the EIA had the audacity to warn citizens today that winter heating bills this year will be higher than last winter.

The warning came in conjunction with a major report the EIA also released today called, “Short-term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook“. If you’re concerned about winter heating bills then you might wanna read it.

While the Obama Administration purposely maximizes public displays of pain during the shutdown, even denying cancer patients government funded treatments, the EIA manages to stay open for business.

Not only is the EIA website still up and running, unlike most others, but it still keeps putting out useful reports and cranking out its amazing “Today in Energy” daily news briefs.

The EIA gets overlooked by the Administration because it only has a piddly little budget of $99.5 million for fiscal year 2013.

Heck, if your agency doesn’t have a budget of $10 billion then you don’t rate the time of day in Washington DC. Nobody in the federal government wastes time with pocket change!!

Like every other agency, the EIA’s budget was cut back by -5.2% this year because of the much-hated sequestration. We don’t hear much about sequestration anymore.

Yet, even during a shutdown of the federal government, little ‘ol EIA manages to keen on going.

Even the Pentagon got tired of the charade today and brought back fully half of the 800,000 federal employees originally furloughed last week.

The EIA is perhaps the most honest, competent, useful and apolitical agency in the entire U.S. federal government.

The EIA is the little engine that could!

Why can’t the rest of the federal government be like the EIA?


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  1. If Obama was made aware of the EIA, he would consider the agencies work a mistake a set about stopping it.

  2. Not sure if this is in line with whatever agenda this site has, but the EIA said from the beginning that they have funding through October 11. We’ll find out if they are indeed the “little engine that could” if these reports continue next week.

    • We shall see what happens come Sunday. It will be a shame to see an end to EIA reporting.

      It’s certainty the shutdown will last past October 11th.

      Though the President says he is willing to talk to anyone about anything, he is not.

      If you listened to Jay Carney’s daily press conference today you learned there has been no change in the President’s position held for month’s before the shutdown began.

      According to Carney today, the President is willing to discus budget priorities only… that is it. Prerequisite, of course, is that there is an agreed budget to start with. That, of course, automatically ends the shutdown. There isn’t a budget agreement. Not even close.

      President Obama and Democrats have demonstrated time and again that they will not negotiate anything in good faith unless a gun is held to their head. Well, it’s gun time again.

      Since Republicans want more than current year “budget priorities” on the table it insures no agreement will be reached very soon.

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