Free Market Wins Green Energy Race

Fossil Fuels – 4

Barack Obama – 0

The private-sector, at no cost to U.S. taxpayers, is doing a far better job at implementing President Obama’s green energy policy than President Obama is after spending $100+ billion!

President Obama has a four-pronged green energy economic strategy:

  1. Recover the U.S. economy built on 21st century green energy technology
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions to save the planet from devastating global warming
  3. Create green jobs in the process
  4. Reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil

Fossils are out greening the President. If it were a golf game, the President would be getting a good old fashioned whuppin’ on every hole. Big oil isn’t even breaking a sweat.

The score: Fossil Fuels – 4, President Obama – 0.

What???  Yup, you heard right… Fossil Fuels!!!

How Big Oil Beat President Obama Without Really Trying

These two graphs are from the EIA’s latest, greatest analysis called “U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 2012“. Click each one to see full sized views.

The one at left shows annual U.S. atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions by year from 1990 through 2012. It’s listed in millions of metric tons. The graph at right shows the annual change in electric power generation for the year 2012 by fuel type.

They seen unrelated, but they are as connected as a chain-link fence.

Since peaking in 2007, U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions have decreased by 12%. That’s a whopping total of 730 million metric tons less “carbon pollution”!!

The Great Recession contributed, but something else took up the slack as the U.S. economy struggles back to life. CO2 continues declining faster now than it rose before 2007.

The United States is the envy of the carbon emissions world! The U.S. is well on its way to meeting the UN’s Kyoto standard even as a non-participant. No one else comes close.

Heck, there was a 3.8% emissions decrease just last year. How did that happen? The answer is in the second graph at top right.

Last year, coal electricity generation went down -215.3  billion kilowatt hours while natural gas electricity production went up by a nearly equal +211.8 billion kilowatt hours. Since 2007, natural gas is the primary energy source replacing coal electricity production.

You may ask, “OK, smarty pants, what does the one graph have to do with the other?”

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Shown at left is the number of million metric tons of CO2 emissions generated by coal and natural gas each year since 2000.

Since 2007, a miraculous thing happened.

Coal CO2 went down 508M metric tons!

Total U.S. CO2 went down 730M metric tons.

Notice how coal CO2 is down a lot, but natural gas is up just a little?

Remember from the above graph that coal electric production went down by about the same as natural gas went up?

The lion’s share of U.S. CO2 emission reductions have come from natural gas replacing coal in electric power plants, made possible with fracking.

Coal electric generation produces nearly 40% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.

Because of that, Obama’s cleverly crafted plan is to put coal-fired electricity out of business to reduce CO2 emissions.

EPA regulations to do just that are being finalized, but aren’t out yet. Approval is expected within weeks.

Uhhh, Mr President, big oil already slam dunked you on that!

Coal-powered electric plants have been on their way out the door since 2007. Big oil did it, not EPA’s big club.

Not only that, Mr. President, but did you notice in the above electric power graph that for all the 10s of billions poured into wind and solar that it only got 9% as much increase in electricity as natural gas did last year? 9%!!! Taxpayer’s got little bang for their buck.


The natural gas green energy revolution scores a TKO over President Obama’s $100+ billions.

Fracking and horizontal drilling are the green energy technologies of the 21st century, not wind and solar. They’ve unleashed plentiful, clean-burning and CO2-reducing natural gas.

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are down 12% since 2007 primarily because natural gas is replacing coal as the fuel of choice for generating electricity.

The President talks about reducing CO2, but fossil fuel’s clean energy king, natural gas, is actually doing it.

The President talks about creating jobs, but all the envied new jobs are in the gas and oil industry in places like Texas, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

Nobody talks about Obama’s green energy jobs anymore. The fossil energy sector is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal economic recovery.

This year the U.S. became free of dependence on foreign oil. It now produces more than it imports.

All that was made possible when free market economics wasn’t blocked by misguided government policies.

So what does the President do?… He also includes new EPA regulations to strangle natural gas use in electric power plants to! They will also be approved within weeks.

That’s like cutting off a leg to cure a bleeding toe.

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses. The free market has solved the CO2 crisis. Embrace it.


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  1. Great post, my friend! I’ll be linking it soon.

    • Thanks for your kind remark. I keep hammering away on the same energy theme.

      But I figure if I say it enough times in enough different ways that people will finally wake up and start seeing that they are allowing a naive President to ruin our economic recovery while simultaneously preventing achievement his own goals!!!

      Its one more example of the “asylum” you keep warning us about.

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