Shale Gas Revolutionizing World Energy

Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions is the Holy Grail of green energy.

Targeting CO2 reductions is the latest new weapon added to President Obama’s U.S. energy policy arsenal.

Within weeks the EPA is expected to impose harsh penalties on coal and natural gas electric power plants by specifically targeting their emissions.

That has never been done before anywhere in the world.

However, barely two years before President Obama took office an amazing thing happened. Shale gas literally came out of nowhere to alter global energy as we know it.

The genie is out of the bottle. Shale gas is changing everything. Shale will supply plentiful, eco-friendly global energy for the rest of this century.

The U.S. President hasn’t figured that out yet. Sadly, he continues to throw money into the pit of expensive green energy failures.

Worse yet for the President, shale gas has already contributed toward reducing U.S. CO2 emissions close to 12% and soon it will reduce CO2 for the rest of the world, too!

Three stunning new graphs in “Today in Energy” for October 23rd prove it. They are from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Three New EIA Graphs

This 1st EIA graph shows how North America leads the world in production of shale gas compared to total dry natural gas production. Together, from shale alone, the U.S. and Canada account for 54% of their total natural gas production.

Currently, the U.S. and Canada are the world’s only producers of viable natural gas from shale formations.

By comparison, China accounts for less than 1% of world natural gas from shale.

This 2nd graph shows how, in Canada, that clean-burning shale gas has literally come from out of nowhere since January 2007 to become a major energy source.

It went from near zero to almost 3 billion cubic feet per day last year! U.S. natural gas has underwent a similar renaissance within the same time frame.

And that is only the beginning. Proven shale natural gas deposits are found all over the planet.

The 3rd graph shows China’s proven shale gas reserves. China has the world’s largest shale gas deposits. They haven’t yet tapped them. U.S. technical know-how could be sold to China for that purpose and profit the U.S. economy.

No one really knows how much shale gas is in China, but the tiny Sichuan deposits are estimated at commercial production of 3 million cubic feet per day!

There are 41 other nations globally with large shale gas deposits. Shale gas is perhaps the world’s largest untapped energy source.


Clean-burning natural gas has already reduced U.S. CO2 emissions by over 10%. No other green energy technology in any other country anywhere in the world has come close to that.

Shale gas is globally plentiful. It is found, untapped in large commercial deposits, in 41 countries. It could dramatically reduce global CO2 emissions if used to replace coal for electricity production. China’s rise to the top as the world’s biggest polluter was driven by its use of coal as its primary electricity source. Change that to natural gas and it would turn everything around.

So what does the American President do? He imposes CO2 restrictions on natural gas electricity production!! Because it is already clean burning, the administration had to LOWER the allowed CO2 standard to choke off natural gas as an energy source in favor of wind and solar. That’s crazy energy policy.

Get real. If a fossil fuel like natural gas is plentiful, cheap and can achieve the ultimate goal of reducing global CO2 emissions then it’s pure insanity to stifle it like the administration wants in the USA.

If not here, the rest of the world will employ shale gas to meet their UN mandated CO2 goals.


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  1. It often seems that we in the west wish to hobble ourselves in order to allow the slowcoaches to catch up. What a pity we don’t recognise and rejoice in our exceptionalism.

    • The truth is that the U.S. has a golden opportunity to lead the world into a ideal world of cheap, plentiful natural gas energy that reduces global CO2 emissions and can make us big bucks by doing the leading…

      Our naive President will do everything in his power to stop it, but the private-sector may already have enough momentum to make it happen anyway!

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