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United States Again Played For a Fool

Iran Broke 2003 Agreement to stop Uranium Enrichment Program

Rogue nations have always taken advantage of gullible U.S. foreign policy when it comes to nuclear weapons programs. Certain nations have used a cheap trick for national gain.

The trick… in exchange for promises, the United States gives them food, money and real concessions.

The Obama Administration is the latest victim falling to this time-honored, nonpartisan ploy. Republicans and Democrats alike are equally gullible when it comes to dealing with rogue nations. That is because, in both cases, politics is their primary motivation.

This time, Iran promises to curb and perhaps end its nuclear weapons enrichment program if the United States and world community lifts sanctions and unfreezes Iranian assets held internationally.

Reuter’s reports today that Iran will receive its first $550 million “on or about” February 1st. Iran will later get the entire $4.1 billion of its foreign-held oil revenues and be able to resume open trade again.

This could be the President’s crowning foreign policy achievement… successfully negotiating with your enemies “without preconditions”.

More likely, though, President Obama will be just another American stooge.

Obama Iranian Foreign Policy

Diplomacy backed with strong sanctions and without preconditions
– Barack Obama, major foreign policy speech (text), 7/16/2007

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama introduced the concept of negotiating with your enemies “without preconditions” for the very first time when talking about Iran during a foreign policy campaign speech in 2007.

That campaign promise became the cornerstone of Obama’s foreign policy in speeches made during his first world tour taken shortly after he assumed the presidency in 2009. Early critics called it Obama’s “apology tour”. President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his “without preconditions” concept.

Fast forward five years. Facing increased criticism of his domestic policies, dwindling popularity, a lackluster economy and immersed in scandals at home, the President dusted off the “without preconditions” foreign policy. He sent rookie Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate with both Syria and Iran over ending their weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs.

Both negotiations appear to be working, but nobody knows if these two rogue nations will honor the deals they make. History suggests they will not.

Speaking of Iran, in October The Times of Israel ran a story including video of an interview with Iran’s newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani, where he brags about Iran violating a 2003 agreement with the IAEA in which it promised to suspend all uranium enrichment, but didn’t.

The North Korean Lesson

U.S. Funded $2.5 million Cool Tower Demolition

To understand rogue nation behavior, look to North Korea (DPRK).

For decades the United States has negotiated deal after deal with North Korea in failed attempts to end its nuclear weapons and ICBM rocket programs.

In negotiations North Korea agreed numerous times to dismantle both WMD programs in exchange for U.S. food and other foreign aid. They got the aid.

In 2008, under George W. Bush, the United States paid $2.5 million to demolish the old cooling tower of DPRK’s deal-decommissioned and UN inspected 5MW plutonium reactor. Reactor and tower are pictured above. That reactor produced all the weapons grade plutonium North Korea has.

Basically, DPRK duped the U.S. into clearing the land so it could build a new, more sophisticated light water uranium reactor in its place. Dennis Rodman’s buddy, Kim Jung Un, then recommissioned the 5MW reactor and it is up and running again with a new cooling system.

Today, DPRK has two nuclear weapons programs; one plutonium and the other uranium.

Since 2008 DPRK has done something else it agreed not to do. It built and tested an ICBM rocket capable of delivering a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world. The rocket can be fired from two launch sites on either side of the country.

It’s estimated the DPRK has 4-8 nuclear bombs today. It has conducted 3 underground nuclear bomb tests so far.

The only thing preventing North Korea from launching a nuclear weapon right now is miniaturizing its bombs enough to fit on its rockets.


In the Obama agreement, Iran promises to curb its uranium enrichment program and open its nuclear facilities to daily UN inspection beginning January 20th, 2014.

Iran shares a common characteristic with both North Korea and Syria. All three are rogue nations under international sanctions, yet chose to starve their own people in order to spend a substantial amount of their entire national GDP to develop WMDs. In all three cases their WMD storage facilities and factories are purposely spread out across the entire country to complicate detection and inspection.

All three nations, at great cost, have substantial national investments into their WMDs. It’s unlikely they will give them up easily. But that is exactly what the Obama Administration believes Iran and Syria are doing right now.

Both Iran and North Korean claim their nuclear programs are to produce electricity for peaceful purpose, yet neither has supplied a single kilowatt hour of electricity and aren’t even connected to an electric power grid. Iran and North Korean work cooperatively and share both nuclear and rocket technology.

It is grossly naive to believe that Iran will follow through on this new agreement when just three months ago its President bragged about violating a similar 2003 agreement.

Once again, the United States is being duped by 3rd-rate rogue dictatorships making false promises for tangible gain.

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