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The 2018 Elections and Climate Change

$1.3 billion taxpayer dollars built the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm near Arlington, Oregon

Fighting climate change is a high cost item affecting U.S. voters in 2018

Salem OR, May 17, 2018 –The U.S. 2018 mid-term election cycle is in full swing. We’ll be bombarded by unwanted TV ads from now until November in the most expensive, most divisive and most highly contested mid-term elections in United States history.

Lets begin this electoral season examining an issue that will have a huge long-term impact on voters. Government laws and fiscal policy enacted this year and beyond will greatly affect generations of Americans to come.

The controversial socio-scientific 2018 issue is climate change.

No matter what, climate change will cost voters one way or another. We’ll either pay up front to “fix” climate change and/or pay to adjust to its inevitable national/international effects.

Contrary to popular belief, climate change is NOT “settled science”.  It never has been. It never will be. No scientific theory is ever settled science. Climate change is no exception.

We are going back to basics. We’ll do something governments haven’t done for a long time. We’ll review the scientific basis behind the Theory of Human-Caused Global Warming, as it stands today.

The results will surprise you.

Then, based on that review, examine how it impacts spending, politics and the 2018 elections.

Climate change is expensive… very expensive. As we’ll learn, it makes the $21 trillion national debt look like pocket change.

High costs does not mean we should not fight climate change. It may very well be we have no choice in the matter.

Stay tuned… much more to come…

The next few articles will review climate change in cost/benefit terms. It should be useful input to help voters decide on how to vote on climate change issues and how to evaluate candidates based on their climate change views.


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