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Fabulous Solar Activity Video

Spaceweather forecasts there is a 60% chance that M-Class solar flares or a 5% chance that X-Class flares will be directed at Earth today from sunspot group AR1654.

Rare X-Class flares are the most dangerous kind. They can produce communication disruption or power outages in worst case scenarios. Auroral displays would be spectacular.

The chance of an X-Class flare today is low, but it reminds us of the fragility of our existence on this planet.

It gives us pause to contemplate the beauty and grandeur of the universe that surrounds us.

We are at or near the peak of solar activity for the current sunspot cycle – Cycle 24. New instrumentation makes this the most studied solar cycle in human history.

Solarwatcher put together the above 6 minute YouTube video clip showing the highlights of solar cycle 24 so far captured by those instruments.


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