The Demise of Electric Power

Electric power generation by fuel type (Source: EIA)

The downfall of both coal-fired and natural gas-fired electric power plants is being engineered with data collected on Form EIA-923 described in a press release today from the EIA.

Together, in 2011 coal and natural gas supplied 67% of all electricity in the United States. The current EIA forecast says they will still supply 65% of all electricity in 2040.

That won’t happen if President Obama has his way. Coal is dirty, but natural gas isn’t.

Coal and natural gas are the two most economic electric energy power sources. They won’t be under new EPA regulations proposed on Friday.

The devastating economic impact of Obama Administration policy on the electric power industry through EPA regulatory strangulation is incalculable. Foolishly, it’s all done in the name of saving the planet from global warming. Cost/benefit be damned!

Middle class Americans will bear the burden of higher electricity prices brought on by a grossly naive Obama “Climate Action Plan“.

New EPA Regulations

For the first time ever, the EPA will limit CO2 atmospheric emissions through the Clean Air Act. The new regulations can go into effect in 60 days, unless stopped.

At the heart of the new EPA CO2 regulations:

  • Limit coal-fired electric power plant emissions to 1,100 pounds/megawatt-hour
  • Limit natural gas-fired power plant emissions to 1,000 pounds/megawatt-hour

Data collected on Form EIA-923 shows that electric power plants emit an average of 1,800 pounds of “carbon pollution”.

The EPA arbitrarily set the lower limits without even estimating how much “carbon pollution” they will save, let alone how much it will cost consumers.

The EPA wrongly dubs CO2 “carbon pollution”.

CO2 is a mild greenhouse gas. It is more than 2/3rds oxygen. It is the life-blood for every green plant on Earth. The more CO2 there is, the greener the planet becomes and the more food that can be grown for earth’s 7.3 billion people.

By the EPA’s definition, every human being is a ‘carbon polluter’. We exhale CO2 gas. Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has the authority to regulate human breathing as a dangerous greenhouse gas!

The ignorance of the federal government knows no bounds.


Ask yourself this:
‘Why does the EPA limit coal plants to 1,100 pounds and natural gas plants to 1,000 pounds?’

Before answering, take these thoughts into consideration:

  1. Coal-fired electric plants produce nearly 40% of all U.S. CO2 emissions
  2. Natural gas-fired electric plants have reduced overall U.S. CO2 emissions by about 5% since 2007
  3. U.S. CO2 emissions are lower today because natural gas is replacing coal electric power
  4. The Administration’s $100+ billion green investments have not reduced CO2 at all
  5. The 5% reduction in U.S. CO2 has come at no taxpayer expense and at lower consumer cost

Clearly, logic dictates that replacing coal-fired electric plants with natural gas electric plants is the way to go if reducing CO2 is the real goal.

It gets the job done and doesn’t cost middle class Americans more in energy costs or taxes. Ultimately, consumers and taxpayers pay the final bills for Obama policy.

So why limit clean burning natural gas when it is doing so much good and the $100+ billion in Obama green energy spending is doing nothing?

Perhaps the reason for more stringent EPA emission standards for natural gas is because it produces less CO2. The higher standard makes it unaffordable faster by imposing costly limits.

100% fossil fuel replacement is President Obama’s Don Quixote policy goal.

He’ll shoot his own CO2 rhetoric in the foot to do it.

Obama energy policy is a clear and present danger to middle class Americans.

Obama policies will leave Americans poorer. It hurts the general economy with higher energy costs while simultaneously causing an increase in CO2!!!

In 60 days Obama triumphs.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
– Edmond Burke, 1770


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  1. It has nothing to do with saving the planet, my friend. It has everything to do with controling where people will live and how they will by government dictate.

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